Saved Sinner


For those people on my friends list who knew what I was like before and the things I used to do

I am still your friend BUT I have been changed from the inside out…. and I no longer do those things or think the thoughts that I used to.

I have new values and a new life….. that’s what it means to be BORN AGAIN…… I live to do GOD’s will and work upon the earth as a disciple ofChrist just like in the book of Acts.

How did this happen to me ? …. when you hear the voice of God it is an awesome experience….. NOTHING else in this world matters after that !

No need to be a timid Christian one can boldly preach the Word of God…. look what happened to Peter on the day of Pentecost.

I can live the life and I can go the distance… because of Christ’s working in me (Galatians 2:20)

My whole life is changed…. and it is a GENUINE change…. it’s not like I’m living a lie or pretending to be something I am not.

You may be offended because of the things I say but you need to understand it’s not about me….. or you….. I speak the word of GOD just like Jesus and his disciples did and whether you like it or not is really your problem and not mine

Because I cannot help but speak of the wonderful works of GOD and HIS ways…. who is like unto GOD ?….. who Saves His Saints…. and Warns the Wicked that they should Repent of their Wicked Ways and be SAVED…. if the SINNER goes to damnation it is his own fault because he has rejected the counsel of a loving and wise God

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