The Gospel of God

Gospel of God 

Based on some comments I am seeing…. it appears that some people do not understand the Gospel of God 

1. God is no respecter of persons. The Parro is just the same as the Prime minister from God’s point of view and this Poses a Problem for People who are quick to ‘dis’ others that they do not like or simply despise.

2. ALL humans are born sinners. There is none that can claim that they have never done anything wrong in their entire life. Therefore if GOD (and not man) had not done something about this state of affairs then everybody would be ready for sentencing to destruction.

3. Because GOD loved the humans that He created and knew that they could do NOTHING to redeem themselves from their state of affairs. He had to do something on their behalf and He did that through Jesus Christ 

4. Jesus Christ is God come in flesh to His world…. and he suffered at the hands of men…. so in a sense, the sinfulness in mankind “killed” God …. or at least made Him to suffer the agony of a physical death.

5. As a result of what Jesus Christ has done…. it is now possible to be FORGIVEN…. and those who come to Jesus Christ in faith BELIEVING the things that He said have the promise of ETERNAL LIFE… which is a FREE GIFT of GOD to all mankind and therefore allows anybody the opportunity to escape from their predicament of sin (whether Parro or Prime minister)

6. After Jesus comes into your life, then it becomes possible to escape the bondage of sin that has held you bound for your entire life….. and this happens as you develop more and more into His character and likeness…. but it is also possible to BACKSLIDE… because their is a Battle of the Mind going on…. and you must CHOOSE which voice you are going to follow at every juncture….. the main difference now is that you have the POWER to overcome your nature IF you choose to do so.

Some people will scoff at this…. because it just suits them to follow the World, the Flesh and the Devil….. and so they will simply go on sinning in Thought, Word and Deed….. such people are NOT saved and are NOT Christians…. no matter how many Churches they might go to.

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