Word Wizardry – part 2

Candle Magic – The lighting of various colored candles on specific days and/or arranging candles in various patterns and lighting them in a certain order comes straight out of pagan witchcraft….. candle flames have always acted as a point of “focus” for the mind… and when combined with ritual incantation provides a powerful means of “connecting” with the spirit world.

Spells and spell casting – At the very core of creating effective spells is ritual incantation and repetition….. repetition when combined with visualization has always proved to be a particularly effective means of conjuring

Visualization – The focusing of the mind on a specific outcome has always been used in witchcraft, but when combined with ritual incantation and the use of symbols ….. and particularly when practiced by multiple people at the same time (provided they can all remain focused) ….. is highly effective.

Now translate all this to the “church”….. look around your church…. look in your prayer book…. listen to your priests chant…. check out the symbols on his robes and (possibly) on the building or in the prayer book itself (you will be SHOCKED at what you discover)….. and wonder to yourself HOW did all this end up in “church” ?……. if you are a Roman Catholic it wont be hard to see….. if you are an Anglican you are half way there…. and if you are a Methodist you may be heading in that direction too.

But wait…. what about the people on TV…. the world-famous televangelists….
the “name it and claim it” people…. the “word of faith” and “prosperity preachers” …. they are into spell casting too….
and visualization …. plain and simple.

There are still a few churches around that have NOT fallen prey to seducing spirits…. churches that read and understand the Bible…. and teach their congregations accordingly…… but they are not “popular” and probably never will be.

In the next part …. we will look at how we arrived at this state of affairs…. what the future holds….. and what YOU can do about it.

Do not immediately assume that “I” want you to leave your “corrupted” church….
who am I ? …. just another human like you…..

Do not immediately assume that GOD wants you to leave your “corrupted” church either …. because HE might very well want you to stay put right there and do your bit to help the rest of people there.

The two most critical points are:

1. You need to know the TRUTH
2. You need to actually deal with GOD directly…. HE has a plan for your life…. and HE wants friendship with you…… all too many people have a one-way affair with GOD….. as I have said before, the friendship really starts when HE begins communicating with YOU…… far too many people are content to pray without knowing what (if anything) becomes of their prayers and that is not a friendship but a one-way monologue….. if GOD has never communicated directly to YOU and it does not bother you then maybe either

A. God is not really that important in your life
B. You need to get MORE SERIOUS about HIM….. put away your idols…. and SEEK HIM with all your heart…… and do not let up until your two-way communication is established

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