Christ’s Character Causes Contention

The Character of Christ was NOT what the Jews expected of their Messiah or indeed of their God….. and yet throughout the Pentateuch we can see the Divine Character IF we study it with a truly “open” mind….. the problem was that RELIGION as practiced by the Jews in the time of Christ had become so far removed from the original precepts of God that Christ’s persona ANGERED them continually.

Observe the behavior in John 8:31 – 59 …… it is absolutely clear that Jesus claimed Deity in John 8:58 ….. and that’s the reason they attempted to stone Him….. it is also clear that He backed up such claim by what transpired in John 8:59…… HE WENT THROUGH THE MIDST of them and went on His way.

The reason why the Words of Jesus must be taken so seriously….. is that He consistently did things that only God could do….. Feeding 5000 people on a child’s meal….. Walking on water….. Raising the dead….. Translocating from one place to another instantly (John 6:21).

The only thing that is required of humans is the faith to actually believe His Words… and yet this is the absolutely HARDEST thing for them to do.

Here are just some of the reasons why:

1. Humans just cannot accept that what APPEARS to be a man…. is actually God…. no matter WHAT said individual may do or say to “prove” it.

2. Humans today have a problem accepting the Bible as God’s book….. the arguments go on like… “it was written by men as a tool of social control”….. “it’s got so much error and contradiction that how can we be sure of anything in there”

3. Modern humans PREFER to put their FAITH in themselves or the scientific process…. rather than trust the Words that they read in a book whose origins and acceptance are the cause of so much contention.

Consider that IF Jesus Christ appeared in 2015 and repeated everything that He did over 2000 years ago….. the results would be NO DIFFERENT…

1. He would ultimately be killed by men.

2. He would NOT be welcome in the big “churches”

3. The scientific community would be eager to use Him as a guinea pig …… conducting all sorts of tests trying to figure out HOW He is able to do what He does…. but certainly NOT believing that He is who He claims to be !

4. The political and financial communities would completely DESPISE His teachings on love, humility, honesty and compassion.

JESUS CHRIST is still PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE in 2015……. and the world still worships their true “father”, the DEVIL, and tries to be just like him.

BROAD IS THE ROAD THAT LEADS TO DESTRUCTION…… and the MAJORITY of the world’s population is still headed that way

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