God prescribed specific musical ministry for the Jewish Temple worship….. David played the harp (and possibly a number of other instruments) in his private worship of God… Solomon’s demon was calmed down by David’s playing…. and finally Revelation mentions singing in heaven accompanied by “golden harps”.

That’s it….  if you find other relevant reference post a comment

Apart from the “temple musicians” (equivalent to modern day church musicians) nobody else was paid to play music for God.

I see nothing in the Bible that relates to the modern phenomena of “Christian” bands making millions of dollars and living indistinguishably from other celebrity entertainers….. face reality… these people are getting rich through the widespread support of multitudes claiming to be “Christian” and allegedly “worshiping” God through the use of this music.

But which god are they really worshiping ?

My observation (and quite a few others have come to the same conclusion) is that a “Christian” concert is more about the love of music, than the love of God.

Christian ENTERTAINMENT is a more appropriate name for this phenomenon….. and it could be argued that Christians need entertainment, just like everybody else…. but the danger comes when Christian entertainment becomes a SUBSTITUTE for the worship of God.

…. and “musical christian evangelism” becomes confused with true Christian conversion.

According to the Bible, genuine conversion to Christ results in a changed life issuing in good works and leading to holiness and purity in thought and character.

Lets be very realistic about it….. most Christian “concerts” do NOT produce that fruit….. the focus is on “good music” and the “result” of “most conversions” is to follow the band around and attend more concerts….. enjoying even more “good music”.

What is even more disturbing is that the lifestyles of the “Christian” musicians do not manifest the fruit of righteousness….. they appear on stage dressed to the hilt… many of the males have long hair and womanish behavior or clothing….. many of the females are far from modest in their appearance opting for clothes that accentuate their sexuality….. the performance itself imitates the world’s musical styles from crooning, breathy vocals to screeching emotional wailing, accompanied in the bigger “acts” by laser light shows and fog machine banks….. this is ENTERTAINMENT pure and simple…… God has never been in the entertainment business…. it is well known (just search the internet) that Satan is the one who runs the entertainment business….. the phenomenon of “Crossover Christians” further reveals that the music (and money) is the real FOCUS…… both the musicians and the audience members may be guilty of the “crossover” phenomenon…. many Christian “gigs” may include non-christian “brothers and sisters” as opening “acts” or “featured specials” within the program (I would suppose this is done to increase the attendance and therefore the revenue… but according to 2 Corinthians 6:14 makes a mockery of any idea that this is a “Christian” event)


If I write a song for God that He inspired in the first place why would I Copyright it and seek to profit thereby ?

You may quote various scriptures to support that a “workman is worthy of his hire” but…..

1. Many of the “famous gospel artistes” are very rich… you would think they could be generous enough to give a few songs free of Copyright…. just like rich farmers in Israel were commanded NOT to reap their fields entirely clean but leave back some good stuff for the poor to eat…. their GREED betrays their motives.

2. If a struggling “up and coming” gospel musician…. what better way to honor the Lord than give of the fruit of your labors ? ….. one Copyright Free song in every ten ? …. as a tithe ?…. so that God many bless your generosity and SELFLESS example ….. and you will be rewarded by Him above your expectations.

Christian….. you may “like” the music…. but don’t let anybody fool you…. “liking music” is not a substitute for Holiness….. I destroyed much “good” music (because of the rotten people who made it)  in obedience to the Lord and have been blessed beyond measure for doing so.

If you cannot stop listening to “condemned”musical ministry music then it has become an IDOL…. it’s time to RID YOUR LIFE of IDOLS… and put God first and He will put a new song in your heart and appreciation for music that He likes…. YES… God likes certain music ….so find out what it is and He will show you if you ask Him.


There is a LOT of COPYRIGHT FREE music around that you may use on your radio broadcast….. you don’t have to push the GREEDY, SELFISH artistes that the public wants….. there are many local musicians and churches that would be glad to share their music with your audience….. train the “public ears” to the music that God directs…. and do not pander to their worldly desires.

Who cares if you lose your “popularity” ? ….. put God first…. and train the “public”…. whether they like it or not.

Better to minister to a few faithful saints…… than get on the “popularity” merry-go-round and palliate the Hordes Heading for Hell

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