Homosexuality is  about SEX…..

First, consider the MAN-UP MADNESS

Many girls seem to go for the “bad boys” for some reason….. so how can they complain when they get horrors later ? if she would settle for a sweet, shy “church boy” who is not always pulling at her and demanding “something” all the time…… she would have a better deal… a man for her life-long fairytale….. she has to make up her mind what she wants …. no serious “church boy” should be wanting an “easy score”….. and no serious “church girl” should be lusting after a “bad boy” either ….. you simply cannot eat your cake and have it too….. the society is SICK ….. for some reason “good” boys and girls are despised….. simply because they are able to control their lust does not mean they are unable to have good sex when the right time comes…. the problem is if all you want is sex from whoever right away … how can you ever be a “good” mother or a “good” father ? …. be not CONFORMED to this world but be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of your mind…. (Romans 12:2)… people don’t realize that when you do things the way God wants it to be, you will enjoy your sex even better…… and when you go the way of the heathen you will end up with misery of one kind or another…. the world is in a mess and they have only themselves to blame….. but the devil whispers in their ear “blame it on God, it’s all His fault”…… ain’t that the ultimate lie…. devil causing all the problems ….. and people blaming God who is the only one that can help them …. so now you understand what I mean when I say the society is SICK… people should stop listening to the devils lies

Second part…… it is absolutely confusing to children….. and amusing to adults…. when you have 2 women and one is a “man”….. or two men and one is a “woman”…. it files in the face of common sense…. but more importantly it is rebellion against God ….. because you are in fact stating that God made a mistake which you intend to correct….. let me be very blunt doctors cannot change a woman into a man and a man into a woman…. all they change is appearances and you live a lifelong-lie maintained by pills and (possibly) other artificial means and your life expectancy is considerably shortened as a result of your error.

What about those raised in a Christian household who have prayed and prayed for God to take away the “feelings” … and eventually given up and “come out” ?
If they had their PRIORITIES right in the first place….. they would seek after God and His righteousness FIRST…. and then they would gain the victory through Jesus Christ over sexual lusts and illicit attractions.

FAITH and OBEDIENCE go together…. and the church is failing to promote God properly….. we are supposed to worship God because of who He is….. NOT because He answers all our prayers the way we wish (like a genii in Aladdins lamp)

the Christian “homosexual” will receive help from God ….. when he/she puts God FIRST, accepts that they are in error and surrenders to God in HUMILITY….

isn’t it interesting how PRIDE has so much to do with gay parades ??? ….. PRIDE and REBELLION are at the core of the “gay” experience.

there is no such thing as a PROUD GAY “Christian”….. “God resists the PROUD, but gives GRACE to the HUMBLE” (James 4:6) ….. anybody who knows anything about what the Bible actually teaches will realize that…… anybody who is troubled by homosexual feelings can come to God and surrender their life in fear and trembling and then HUMBLY beg for mercy and help through the power of Christ …….but to get on a hobby horse and proudly proclaim a gay “church” and distort the Bible is BLASPHEMY against God and will be judged accordingly…. nobody rebels against God and gets away with it indefinitely.

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