It seems “love” has become an EXCUSE …..

1. First they say…. God is LOVE … which is true (read 1 Corinthians 1:4 – 8)… but it ain’t the kind of love they are thinking about…. homosexual love can be the most selfish thing on the planet and the “fruits” of it are quite devastating.

2. Second mistake is to think that “love” will protect from JUDGEMENT…. in fact, it was Jesus Christ (the man of love) who said, “IF you “love” me, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS” (John 14:15)

The sick part of all this “lovy dovy” talk is that it’s SELFISH….. and in the case of certain people…. it don’t take a whole lot for the love to quickly turn to hatred… viciousness… spite and malice …… I have seen it myself time and time again….. and the Bible properly identifies this type of “love” as VILE AFFECTIONS (Romans 1:26 – 32)

The statement “God doesn’t judge me why should you” is actually a blatant lie…
God HAS already judged you in his Word….. and we are NOT “judging” you but merely reminding you that “unless you REPENT, you will likewise perish” (Luke 13:3)…… Jesus Christ is simply NOT going to save anybody who does not repent of their sin….. we didn’t make this up….. he said so Himself !

The GOOD NEWS is that there is HOPE….. yes, HOPE… nobody has to live “in a homosexual lifestyle” any longer IF they really want to change….. Jesus has been delivering people from it since the days of the early church !!!!

Read 1 Corinthians 6:11 ….. and rejoice in both the Love and the Power of the finished work of Christ

Today you can start a joyful walk with the Lord…. isn’t that wonderful ? … all you have to do is to want to please God enough to obey Him ….

2 thoughts on “LOVE LIES

  1. Stephen:

    I truly believe God loves us all regardless if we are homosexual or not. Homosexuals should not be cursed on this planet. None of us can judge only God.

    Daniel >


    • Daniel your first sentence is correct…. however it is because God loves you that He has provided a way out of homosexuality….. but you first have to accept two things….
      1. God has said that you were not born homosexual
      2. God has said that homosexuality is not acceptable to Him

      It is NOT about what you or I “believe”…. it is about what God has prescribed for the human race…. and He has provided you with a way out of your homosexuality because of His love for you

      If you prefer your homosexuality and “believe” that everything is OK…. then you are in fact, rejecting God’s authority over you….. and spitting in His face by refusing His GIFT of deliverance which he has provided for you…… there is no excuse for such behavior and God will judge you for it….. your love of homosexuality seems to be more important than your love of God…… or else you have deceived yourself into believing that God actually approves of your homosexuality…… in either case, you should be very much afraid of the consequences of such decisions…. God does not tolerate open rebellion indefinitely.
      God has delivered me from a homosexual lifestyle….. and I can tell you that the blessings are far more than anything you might “lose” by giving it up.


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