Today’s message is very deep….. meditate on it and ask GOD to guide you as you read it.

In the future…. maybe a few years from now…. God’s anger is going to be poured out on the earth because of the wickedness of humans.

What effect will this have upon the inhabitants of the earth ?

Right now would be a good time to read Revelation 16:9 and Revelation 16:11

If you have never opened a Bible before use the Table of Contents to find it….. you’ll be glad you did.

Tell me….. what do you do with people like that ? …… they will be tormented night and day forever and ever……. because they are total God haters….

Don’t let your APOSTATE church fool you with the idea that because God is love (which is true) that He will tolerate any and everything that people do.

ANY CHURCH that’s not preaching REPENTANCE towards SIN…. SURRENDER towards CHRIST…. and RIGHTEOUS, HOLY living in this world….. is a FALSE CHURCH.

Be not deceived….. the words of Christ still remain true, ” REPENT for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”. (Matthew 4:17)

You simply cannot live “as you wish” and “do whatever thou wilt” and expect to escape the wrath of God ….. that’s like trying to “eat your cake and have it too”…. simply not possible…. everyone has made a CHOICE either implicit or explicit….. but the good news of the Gospel really is that you can still “change your choice”….. and choose to SURRENDER your will to CHRIST….. humble yourself and repent ….. and then allow Him to deal with your sinful behavior as, through faith, you allow Him to transform your life.

The bad news is that if you reject the offer of Salvation….. or if you postpone it to a future time….. it becomes harder to take that important step each time you procrastinate or reject.

You have to give up stuff for God… I can tell you from experience that having done so, it is worth it and you will not regret it later…… but at the time, it is hard and not pleasant at all to give up your “dearest treasures” whether they be physical possessions, various habits or emotional attachments (i.e. lovers).

What is it you cannot give up for God today ? ….. think carefully now….. because it could be anything…

However, the Bible is very clear on this, whatever it is …. it is an IDOL….. because GOD expects us to put Him before everything else.

What is your ATTITUDE to all this ? your attitude is the test of your heart….. again it is a choice….. either you cling to your IDOLATRY and REJECT the message ….. or you confess it and seek His help in dealing with it (notice your idols may be very real) but your ATTITUDE is what God is looking at….. do you agree with God that you need to deal with your idols ? will you seek His help in overcoming your IDOLATRY ?

You cannot save yourself…. but you have to accept the salvation that God has provided…… and the big problem with the churches today is that:

1. They are constructing their own “methods of salvation” by interpreting the text to suit themselves.

2. They are creating idols….. other “gods” …. whose characteristics do not agree with the GOD presented from Genesis to Revelation.

If the god you worship does not square with the GOD as presented in the Bible….
then you are worshiping a false god….. and there is always a demon there to take the role of the god you have “invented” in your own mind.

You end up being “guided” by a demon….. and believing it’s GOD guiding you…. and as your life becomes more and more evil you do not even realize it….. although any Christian who knows the Word of God can see plainly that you are deceived.

Don’t be deceived any longer ….. REPENT and come to the TRUE GOD in HUMILITY…. and then be prepared to make sacrifices in your life….. it COSTS to be a Christian…… otherwise you are no christian at all.

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