“Contemporary Christian” CONFUSION

I write again to address some issues that are destroying the Christian Church in the 21st Century.

MUSICAL MADNESS….. “Total lack of DISCERNMENT” has resulted in EXTREME POSITIONS…… on the one hand, we have people like DAVID CLOUD and RANDY CORNELIUS who say that everything “contemporary” is of the Devil…… and somehow believe that 17th Century “chamber music” is inherently “Holy and Sanctified”, these men would have you believe that using portamento in music is tantamount to “the sliding slope of sin”, unresolved chords destroy brain cells and “backbeats” conjure up demons…….. on the other hand we have supposedly well-meaning pastors bringing bands like Petra or Stryper into the church to “minister” to the young and gullible.

Where is the DISCERNMENT that the Bible talks about and which comes from the Holy Spirit’s ministry as we live “close to the heart of God” ???

Lumping songs like “As the deer” (Martin Nystrom) and “Shine, Jesus Shine” (Graham Kendrick) and “There is a Redeemer” (Melody Green) into the same “category” (CCM) as the music of Stryper , Petra, P.O.D. or Switchfoot …. very clearly reveals…. LACK OF SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT.

WORKS versus GRACE…… You think the Apostles did a good job of explaining the relationship in the Bible ? …… apparently not….. or else the people just cannot understand what they are reading…. on the one hand we have the “once saved, always saved” position (which leads to licentious living among the carnal) and on the other hand we have the “saved today, lost tomorrow….and hopefully saved sometime again before death” position (which leads to works salvation… where God “owes” us big-time for what we have done…. even the CULTS love their WORKS “salvation”)

SIN and SANCTIFICATION…… on the one hand we have the “holier than thou” crowd who are SINLESS in their own eyes……. and on the other hand we have the “daily sinners” who aren’t too bothered about it ….. a quick prayer to Jesus for forgiveness and get right back to “sinning as usual”……. BOTH POSITIONS ARE WRONG !

TOTAL LACK OF DISCERNMENT …… among people who should know better…….. shamefull…… but why ?

Perhaps one reason is that people CONFUSE “salvation” with “discipleship” and they are two distinctly different concepts.

Perhaps another reason is that people really don’t want “too much of God” in their lives….. He is useful, to be sure, but better to know Him “afar off” (on Sunday morning) so we can get ahead with our own lives and our plans on Monday morning without His “meddling in our affairs”

There is a book “Enjoying Intimacy With God” by J. Oswald Sanders

It’s a good book….. IF you REALLY want to know God on intimate terms…… and think you can meet the REQUIREMENTS ….. by all means READ IT…

Possible outcomes….. either you will decide it’s better NOT to be too intimate with God after all…… OR the book could change your life….. why not read it today.

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