Many people find that Yoga, TM and other forms of meditation reduce stress and cure anxiety and depression
as well as solve panic disorders, sleep disorders and lots of other ailments.

So what’s wrong with it ?


First, the TYPE of meditation…. passive versus active…. most Eastern-style meditation is passive as you empty yourself and allow yourself to become one with the Cosmos
…. in reality, this passive approacch of blanking your mind opens you up to the influence of Demons (pretending to be guides) ….. people who practice this type of meditation are competent and capable in life and seem to have everything going for them EXCEPT they cannot come to salvation through Jesus Christ
because that is the way of humility and utter dependence… and that’s not why they started doing Yoga in the first place.
Christian meditation is always ACTIVE…. we use our mind to meditate on the scriptures and as we ruminate on the Words of God we find that they become real…. and we get peace and health from God in utter dependence on Him…. humans don’t want this, they prefer to be in control of their own destiny hence the popularity of Yoga, TM, Tai Chi, etc.

Secondly, the goal is different….. in Eastern-style meditation schemes you meditate to benefit YOU….. in Christian meditation, a person meditates to glorify God and health and mental well-being are “byproducts” of the “process”.

Quite frankly, people want CONTROL of their own lives…. they don’t want to TRUST the outcome to God in FAITH (unless they absolutly have no other choice)

The proliferation of DRUGS for every possible affliction of man has actually made the situation far worse than it was even 300 years ago…. at the first sign of any problem whatsoever
off to the doctor you go and take whatever he prescribes (and it’s rare to ever leave a doctor’s office without a “prescription”)

But the reality is people are living on drugs and STILL have all sorts of pains, discomforts and problems !

Only when the doctor tells you he can do nothing more for you do you run to God ? Is that right ?

The Bible (God’s Word) tells us:

“Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old and say, “Life is not pleasant anymore.” (Ecclesiastes 12:1, NLT Bible)

If we seek our God with our whole heart from young…. not only will we be spared many ailments …. but when we are in trouble later on we will turn to Him first, instead of running to the doctor for the latest cure.

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