I am forced to confront the fact that I am not a particularly loving person…. like most people, I can show love to others when it’s convenient for me to do so…. but sacrificing myself for the needs of (possibly) ungrateful people is not on my list of priorities.
Does this sound familiar ? …. you know we really cannot love the way the Bible commands it …… so how can the Bible command something that is impossible to do ?
The Truth is…. we are not supposed to be trying to do it “in the flesh” cause we will never succeed….. we are supposed to surrender to Jesus Christ and invite Him into our heart…. to live out His life through us ….. and this is both a one time act AND a process.
The act is when we repent and give ourselves completely to God….. the process is that daily we ask and expect Christ to live through us by faith.
We have to continually suppress our tendency to go our own way and put our human will in line with His divine will.
We CAN do this but many times we simply do not….. so is it any wonder that large numbers of Christians are living quite similar to worldly people and the church has so many problems. ?
We need to see the necessity of allowing God to control our lives and work through us towards others….. then we need to trust Him to do so….. and this is the only way to lasting fruit.
This is the way God wants it to be and He has promised peace and joy to those who give up their wills to His Divine Will.

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