One of the biggest problems with the total lack of discipline that children receive these days is that they never grow up properly.

Big adults walking around with the ‘childish’ attitude…. “I want it and I want it RIGHT NOW”

NEWS FLASH: your mommy and daddy might have fallen over themselves to give you your every wish right away…. but the rest of the world couldn’t care less what you want …. far less the urgency of it.

Children who are not disciplined suffer as adults…. they are not prepared for the ‘real world’ of life….. and what’s worse….

Since they cannot discipline THEMSELVES….. they have a hard time achieving any goals…. they are indeed victims of their own bodies…. wandering aimlessly though life satisfying whatever bodily desire manifests in them.

But the WORST is yet to come….. since they have never been disciplined….. they cannot submit to God.

The reality is Satan, the orchestrator of chaos, rebellion and anarchy enjoys and instigates the current global situation….. because when the Anti-Christ arises to rule the world…. things will have gotten so bad that everyone will be begging for some sort of change.

The totalitarian regime will look attractive to the masses….. till it tightens it’s grip on their lives to a point worse than any slavery the world has ever known

This has all been PREDICTED by none other than GOD….. and the most amazing thing is that as it happens ….. people just cannot ‘see’ it.

I mean it is so OBVIOUS…. the direction that the world is headed…. even if you are not a Christian ….. surely you must realize the IMPLICATIONS for your future ?

You really need to come to God today…. He made you and He wants to have fellowship (friendship) with YOU (whoever you are).

Without the peace of knowing God, how are you going to deal with the storm that is coming ?

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