What will it be like when you actually meet Jesus Christ in person ?

For His saints, it will be as if….. they have known Him all along…. because through prayer and Scripture and in their lives they have been with Him many times before… though not in the flesh.

For the blasphemers, mockers and scoffers….. will they be able to do it to His face ? ….. or will they tremble in fear and terror.

For the ritual religious ….. will they even recognize who He is ?

Every human being will meet Jesus Christ eventually.

Jesus is the judge of all mankind… and the only way to God….. just as He said to Philip (John 14:9) “he that has seen me has seen the Father” and John 15:24 “they both seen and hated both me and my Father”

There is such religious confusion in the world today that many people think they are serving God…. when in reality they are serving themselves and their own desires…. or worse, they are actually serving the Devil and doing Satan’s work for him.

Far too many people are banking on the love of Jesus when, in reality, they do not love Him…… how can a person be indifferent to the love of God and then hope to escape judgement ?

Hebrews 2:3 warns us “How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation”

The very first Commandment is to LOVE GOD….. and the real problem in the world today is that people expect Him to love them and somehow tolerate their wickedness…. when they have no love for Him whatsoever.

There is no salvation apart from REPENTANCE of sin and turning to GOD….. because no matter how much love God has for sinners …. he is simply not going to ‘overlook’ their sin…… otherwise Jesus would not have had to go through what he did and all that He suffered.

The suffering of Jesus Christ on this Earth is the greatest evidence of both the certain salvation of the saints and certain destruction and damnation of the unrepentant and unloving towards God.

Since your entire destiny is at stake…… the contents of “The Bible” and the topic of “Jesus Christ” is not simply a way to pass the time discussing at a cocktail party…. NO…. these must be the MOST IMPORTANT to your very life.

If your life does not revolve around God and your love for Jesus then you are NOT a ‘Christian’ …. that is what the Bible teaches…

Don’t jump up and say that I am ‘judging’ you….. NO ….. I am not judging anybody….. I am telling you to go and read it in the Bible and then judge yourself…… because judging yourself is the only way to salvation for anybody.

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