Utter Unbelief and Fearful Forebodings

In Revelation 21:3 – 8 , right after we have the assurance that the Great God of the Universe, the Alpha and Omega of everything there is, is behind those who OVERCOME…. and He has promised them ALL THINGS that heart could wish for….. we are told the list of those who are condemned to eternal banishment and damnation.

In addition to the fornicators, murderers, sorcerers and idolaters….. we also see LIARS, FEARFUL and UNBELIEVING people listed.

That’s bound to upset people…. why ?

Because how can you possibly class fear with those awful crimes ?

Some might even argue that fear is beyond human control….. that nobody chooses to fear !

Christians today need to wake up and realize that they are not living as they are called to live….. but rather, they are living just like the world and they have the world’s aspirations….. shall i list them ?

1. Material comfort and gain
2. Entertainment and pleasure
3. Selfishness and self-centered preoccupation

The Apostle Paul said, “for me to live is Christ and to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21)……. how many pastors would agree with him ? …. far less their congregations !

The source of Fearful Forebodings IS worldliness and preoccupation with the flesh AND the fear that God cannot (or will not) take care of you personally (in the manner that you wish to be ‘taken care of’).

So fear is either the result of UNBELIEF (which offends God greatly) or it is the result of SELFISHNESS (in all it’s many forms).

Gosh, you say, then everybody must be guilty ! ….. and you are correct…. with one exception…… ATTITUDE

Becoming ‘totally dedicated’ to God is a human CHOICE

Once you make that CHOICE and STICK TO IT…… GOD will do the rest…… over time your fear, unbelief and selfishness will be changed and you will stop your habitual lying.

The problem with Christians today is their idols…… their worldliness… they do indeed, ‘love the world’ and want the same things that the unrighteous heathen want…. they need to come to God in humility…. then read their Bible to see what the “Christian” life really is about…… and finally they need to make that choice…. will they forsake the world and follow Christ fully ? …… or will they go away like the multitudes in John 6:66 ?…… or continue to Live the Lie… doing as they please, yet attending church, and hoping they will get accepted with God as ‘christians’….

You are called to a CHOICE today……. the default of making no choice is Revelation 21:8

Your attitude is everything….. God knows your heart…. if there is rebellion there you cannot hide it from Him….. but you can at least repent and set your mind and your will to love and serve Him in truth and in honesty.

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