Is there a higher percentage of people with mental illness in the ‘Prepper’ community than in the general population ?
While many episodes of the National Geographic show are pure comedy (and the producers are quite delighted to interview ‘wack’ jobs) , here are a few thoughts from the Christian perspective.
Doomsday is not just a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ because the Bible actually has a lot to say about Armageddon and the final confrontation between an angry God and a degenerate human race.
But Jesus tells us,”Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” (Matthew 6:34)
We are to TRUST GOD to take care of us….. and we are to be busy spreading the Gospel of Jesus and doing the Master’s work…. fishing for the souls of men.
Prepping is the ultimate is SELFISHNESS…… one of the biggest features of ‘prepping’ is the accumulation of weapons (supposedly for the purpose of defending your store of food, water and fuel from the post-apocalyptic hordes of hungry marauders looking to take you out and get what you have….. as shown in the ‘Mad Max’ movies.
This is a far cry from the Christian perspective of helping others….. sharing everything you have …. turning the other cheek….. considering other to be better than yourself…. sacrificing yourself to save others (which is the example that Jesus Himself set).
and yet….. ‘ Christian’ preppers is a subset of the prepper community…… just like ‘Christian’ nudists is a subset of the nudist community….. and ‘Christian’ gays is a subset of the homosexual community…… what’s next ? … ‘Christian’ child-abusers ? …… ‘Christian’ thieves (a la Robin Hood) ?
These so-called ‘Christian’ groups need to get serious with their Bible study and realize that most of these things are INCOMPATIBLE with the Gospel of Jesus Christ …… or with God’s directives for human behavior.
As Korea gets ready to shoot missiles and Trump drops bombs….. what should Christians be doing ? …. certainly not trying to amass as much wealth as possible.
Jesus expects us to be working like never before to reap God’s harvest of souls….. it’s the most important activity in the world.
As the end draws near….. let us all draw nearer to God ….. and seek His direction for our lives.
We cannot save ourselves either spiritually or physically ….. only God can protect and deliver us according to His grace….. give Him a reason to do so by being busy with His work….. and not living a selfish worldly lifestyle like the rest of mankind.

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