Christians Cannot Compromise

The message of Christ is clear…. Christians are to preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15)

Those that believe will be saved and those that do not believe will be condemned (Mark 16:16)

We have no certainty about what God is going to do with those that have never heard the gospel, but that is not our concern….. our job is to obey Christ and give everybody the gospel.

When a person argues with the gospel (rather than believing it, can you say they have not heard it ?)…. it really boggles my mind when I am preaching the gospel to people that they bring up two totally INVALID arguments (instead of simply believing the good news)

  1. How dare you tell me that your gospel is the only way to be saved…. how arrogant ? ….. who do you think you are ? ….. with all the many religions and cultures in the world, what makes your gospel any better than anybody else’s ?
  2. What about the many people who have never heard ‘your gospel’ ? how can they believe ‘your gospel’ if they have never heard it ? do you think your god is going to condemn them even though they have never heard ? come on man, think rationally for a minute here, even if there is a god he certainly is not like the one you are trying to portray !

So why are these arguments invalid ? First of all, the fact that there are ‘many gospels’ all over the world is neither surprising or unexpected….. wherever there is anything of value there are always plenty of counterfeits around…. whether it’s paper money, gold or valuable painting…. there are COUNTERFEITS around…. in fact, anything of great value is counterfeited….. and common sense tells us they CANNOT ALL BE GENUINE or of equal value…. so somebody has the REAL THING…. and the rest are sadly deluded and what they have is WORTHLESS…… so instead of jumping on argument 1, the person being shown the gospel, SHOULD be asking questions and trying to determine IF the gospel you are giving them is the ‘real deal’ (that is if they give a hoot about their eternal destiny).

Argument number 2 is nothing more than a distraction….. and is really irrelevant…. because here you are showing the person the gospel…. and they are carrying on about people who have never heard, when they can NEVER claim to be in that category….. they have heard…. probably multiple times too…. and they are REJECTING the gospel to their own peril.

Are you prepared to reject the words of Christ ? ….. because He said, ‘ Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away ‘ (Matthew 24:35)

Christians have no business COMPROMISING in ‘multi faith’ services…. because we are NOT all praying to the ‘same god’….. and many evil practices go on in all these various world religions…… the whole ‘multi faith’ idea is EXACTLY what got Israel in trouble as a nation, when they were ‘led astray’ by the ‘religious practices’ of the heathen nations around them.

Uniting of the ‘faiths’….. is part of the end-time prophecy associated with the falling away from the true God and the descent into worldly evil associated with the rise of Antichrist and the reign of the Beast.

Unfortunately, if you are a true Christian, the time has come …. once again…. when you will be hated of everyone for ‘My Names Sake’ (Matthew 10:22, Mark 13:13, Luke 21:17 and John 15:18 )…… the fact that is in all four gospels means something….. we have to get the message.

so be loving to everybody….. but be FIRM….. ┬áNO COMPROMISE…. stick to the gospel as delivered in the Bible…. and do not be concerned with public reaction….. cause we are not on this earth to please people or be popular with people.


I am giving you the following conversation from Facebook so you can see for yourself how ‘the world’ responds to our witness for God.

(this is the actual transcript of the conversation as it unfolded over the last two days…. the person’s name has been removed and simply replaced with ‘atheist’… does it matter who the person is ? …. is their name important ? …. this IDEOLOGY is far too common among many persons in these last days)

ME: The world as a whole, and America in particular, has forsaken God in public life…. I know many reading this will think that the separation of God and State is a good thing, well, what has it accomplished…. American schoolchildren can be proud to be witches, satanists or homosexuals but they have been prohibited from proudly proclaiming to be Christians. Unfortunately, although humans can do whatever they feel like there are actually consequences to such choices. Who can tell if Trump has been permitted to get this position by God ? …. certainly the path that America has taken is not in accordance with either the Charter of the founding fathers or the Bible and consequences will follow…. NOT by a lightning bolt striking the White house or any other supernatural drama, but by more natural means, like a dangerous madman simply ‘becoming’ president. Psalm 9:17 says, ‘The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God” …. now whatever your concept of hell may be….. whether it’s death, eternal punishment or simply an upset stomach…. the message is it’s NOT GOOD…. so nothing GOOD is coming in the future unless America, Barbados or (insert your favorite country) gets serious about returning to God and following His ways as outlined in the His book, the Bible

ATHEIST: Nonsense- stop with the fairy tales. I’m an atheist and I don’t believe in your god, I believe in love, kindness, doing what’s right and helping those in need. I don’t judge you for your beliefs but please don’t assume that your religious views have any kind of superiority over anyone else’s views. It makes you appear arrogant and foolish. This is Facebook, not your church, nor your neighbourhood or your town. We are the world and with that comes a world of different cultures, beliefs and practices. Just adhere to what you believe and leave the rest of the people alone to make their own decisions.

ME: A typical hostile reaction to the Word of God ….. to intimidate and silence the messenger….. and based on a faulty premise that everybody’s belief and opinion is equally valid and there is no absolute TRUTH about anything whatsoever….. and does it bother me if the world thinks I am foolish or arrogant ?…. and I agree with you ‘people can make their own decisions’ that is their right but surely preaching the Word of God to the entire world is also my right….. feel free to contradict anything I post but do not try to silence me or trample on my rights…. best wishes to you…. have a nice day.

ATHEIST: Stephen Mendes I surely will and I wish the same for you. It’s too bad you see my response as hostile, I did not intend that, only to let you know not everyone believes in God, many don’t.
Maybe one day you can prove your god exists; as yet, I’ve seen no evidence of that. There’s more proof aliens have visited earth…yet, God remains a figment of people’s imagination. If it comforts you to believe in fairytales you have every right to do so…but do not expect everyone else to believe the same.

ME: I have already proven in my own life that God exists…. and anybody could do the same for themselves… perhaps the reason you see ‘no evidence’ is because you are not going about your investigation in the right way…. I am a scientist…. I lecture STEM subjects at University…. this idea that only ‘ignorant or uneducated’ people believe in ‘fairy tale’ deities is patently FALSE…. quite a few brilliant minds and educated people have come to realize and know God for themselves…. God does not expect people to abandon their intellect and common sense (faculties that He created in the first place)….. God proves Himself in many, many ways to those who are willing to give Him the opportunity to do so…. and the first step would be to concede that He might exist and move from there

Please pass along your comments and suggestions…. I am not saying that I handled this situation well….. I responded as I felt appropriate…. each of us has to decide with God’s help whether we should ‘engage’ and how we should ‘respond’…. but the alternative, doing NOTHING, is hardly an appropriate option for Christians because we are commanded to go into all the world and teach every creature… we simply have to spread the TRUTH, whether it upsets people or not, I hope you find this post helpful and instructive.

Fanciful Fictitious Fantasy

There is this notion among the people and particularly among some ‘educated intellectuals’ and present-day psychologists that the world is ‘progressing’ and humans are leaving their ‘primitive’ ways behind them and ‘evolving’ in goodness, kindness and love.

This mistaken notion is built on the false premise that people are basically ‘good’ and it is therefore only necessary to provide the ‘right environment’ for them to magically ‘blossom’ into goodness and right social behavior.

Following through on this faulty premise they conclude that if we abolish flogging and all forms of institutional violence as a method of punishment for deviance, our society will somehow be transformed into a loving and caring one.

The Bible says….. and society in general and ‘educated intellectuals’ in particular don’t give a hoot what it says, because as far as they are concerned, it is just another book to be analysed and debated (but certainly not ‘believed’) and then relegated to the bookshelf to gather dust.

THE BIBLE SAYS…. ‘The human heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked’ (other translations render it …. INCURABLY bad) Jeremiah 17:9

There is NONE righteous NO NOT ONE …. Romans 3:10 and Psalm 14:3 and Ecclesiastes 7:20

Since this IS the case…. our ONLY OBJECTIVE reality is declared in the self-same Bible …. along with specific instructions that today’s ‘progressive’ society has CHOSEN to IGNORE.

(the paragraph below relates to a video clip on Facebook gone viral and depicting a bunch of Barbadian school girls kicking a girl in the head and standing in her neck…. serious violence that put her in hospital…. while other girls looking on laughed and took video clips of it on their cellphones)

and people wonder (in today’s Nation Newspaper) how could the girls get on so ? ….. did NONE of them feel for the child who was suffering at the hands of the mob?…… was there nobody willing to assist her ? …… WHY did they stand around and laugh and take videos of it with their phones ?

And yet ….. let’s go back thousands of years to the Roman Amphitheater ….. where thousands cheered as a Christian was thrown to the lions….. how is it that people cannot see that NOTHING HAS CHANGED ?

‘herd’ mentality….. thirst for violence….. gawking at the ‘spectacle’…..

The reason why the human race will NEVER progress in their quest for a ‘loving and tolerant and caring society’ is because they have CAST THE WORD OF GOD BEHIND THEIR BACK.

Indignantly ….. they protest….. ‘but I am a GOOD person !!! ‘….. ….. forgetting the words of Jesus Christ who said ‘ Why do you call me good…. there is none good but God alone’ (Luke 18:19)

Now all the ‘big wigs’ and ‘stakeholders’ are meeting to decide what to do about the violence among the schoolchildren.

I hope somebody will suggest that it is because they are no longer sent to Sunday School and taught the Bible from infancy…. I hope somebody will suggest that if the nation will ‘return to God and humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways’ (2 Chronicles 7:14) that the ‘schoolchildren problem’ will begin to improve …… because it is the ADULTS who have forsaken God …. and it is the ADULTS who are not ‘bringing up their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord’ (Ephesians 6:4)

I hope the psychologists will realize that the ‘human animal’ is the SAME animal that walked the earth 6,000 years ago….. ‘evolution’ is a FARCE ….. and the ONLY way to the graces of God (love, joy, peace, patience, etc.) is by the GIFT of God in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ ….. who came ONCE and FOR ALL to put an end to the CURSE and to gather together the children of God out of every nation, tribe and tongue.

BUT it’s NOT likely because…. He was not accepted back then…. and He’s not likely to be accepted now (in this time of deep spiritual darkness).

However, He has made promises to every individual person who will seek Him out….. read Revelation 3:20 and Matthew 28:20

…and do not dare tell me to stop quoting the Bible because it is this Bible that has the solution to ALL of mankind’s problems and the answers to all relevant questions pertaining to human life…. past, present and future…. and it is just as relevant today as it was in ages past.

Jesus said ‘heaven and earth will pass away but my words shall not pass away’ (Matthew 24:35)…… that is an amazing statement….. and there are many other amazing statements in this Book of books…… the actual evidence is overwhelming that history proves that this book is TRUTH ….. all nations who have come against it have perished and those that followed it for a time have been blessed for the time they followed it and were later destroyed when they stopped following it.

read Psalm 9:17 and realize the truth of it.