So a person starts to get interested in ‘spiritual matters’ and immediately ‘unseen forces’ which the Bible properly describes in Ephesians 6:12–13 work to turn that person towards the ‘religious myths’ of Asian or Indian cultures……. rather than the simple truths of the Gospel of Christ as stated in the Bible….. surely Jesus’s own words, ‘Ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake’ (Matthew 10:22) prove true…. True Christians are hated by both atheists and all other religions, basically everybody.

Some of the words used against them…. non-conformist, inflexible, arrogant….. but the Bible is very clear there is only one way that God has ordained by which we may be saved from sin and God’s impending judgement.

Here’s the thing….. a point to ponder…  if all the religions of the world are of equal value…. and the ‘JudeoChristian Bible’ of no more importance than the ‘religious texts’ of other faiths….. WHY did the Apostles and Christians of the first century lay down their lives for the Gospel ? …. only possible answers are…. 1. The spread of the Gospel was imperative because salvation depends on it …. or 2. They were just poor deluded fools perishing for misguided notions when God was going to save everybody anyway


When you take the position that ‘all religions are of equal value’ …… you are automatically endorsing option 2…. that is Christ and all His followers ever since are just poor deluded people who gave up their lives for foolishness, when either there is no God …. or if there is one…. He is going to save everybody anyway regardless of their religious persuasion or manner of life