(this article concerns the current situation in Barbados. But the Spiritual truth promoted extends to all human societies)

Personally I don’t think the murder spree will end until the authorities start exterminating the ones responsible.

For years the Barbados justice system has been slowly falling apart…. and we have witnessed recently the release of quite a few ‘lifetime’ prisoners who were murders.

I will not comment as to their character and their suitability for release because it is IRRELEVANT in the context of this discussion….. what sticks in the minds of the gangsters is not only is there no death penalty but, if, in the unlikely event of apprehension and incarceration there is no such thing as a ‘lifetime’ sentence either.

Add to this the long delays and bungling of the process of justice and their chances of ‘getting away’ with their life of crime become even better….. don’t you think they know that the Police are overworked and understaffed in their attempts to ‘police’ Barbados ?

I am in favor of joint operations between the Police and Defence Force….. pooling their resources, manpower and armament….. but if they are going to be effective in ridding the streets of these thugs they are going to have to execute them as they go along and not merely ‘bring them before the courts’.

In spite of all the Americans spout about ‘human rights’, don’t they have FBI and CIA agencies that ‘operate above the law’ or maybe rather are ‘a law unto themselves’….. even so, maybe the time has come for Barbados Parliament to create something similar, an officially sanctioned organization capable of doing what is necessary outside the law.

An organization charged with gathering the necessary intel (by whatever means is deemed necessary) and then targeting and eliminating individuals that pose a threat to public safety.

The Church in Barbados has totally failed to influence the society in the raising of all children with morality and self-discipline….. and they have also failed by endorsing the humanistic ideology of the secular world….. in fact, mainstream ‘christian religion’ has wandered so far from true Christianity that it is not even recognizable as ‘Christian’.

The idea of extending God’s love to murderous thugs has become DISTORTED by modern ‘progressive’ thinking…… Jesus Christ, the man of love, said some horribly hard things that people like to conveniently FORGET and/or IGNORE……. one of the most important is that forgiveness does NOT REMOVE physical suffering for the consequences of one’s actions….. the repentant dying thief was promised paradise BUT he still had to suffer death for his crimes…… and what about the ‘callous’ answer of Jesus recorded in Luke 13:1 – 5 ?….. clearly the attitude of Jesus to physical death is a far cry from our own attitude in 2017.

King David was a man ‘after God’s heart’ who became a standard by which all the other kings of Israel where measured….. and yet he was a man who ‘shed much blood upon the earth’ (1 Chronicles 22:8) but he did it in EXECUTING JUSTICE …. please read 2 Samuel 4: 8 – 12

If Barbados is to recover and holiness and righteousness is to rain down upon this land …… then JUSTICE also must precede it…..

God loves JUSTICE and the psalms of David showed that he clearly understood RIGHT and WRONG and was prepared to administer it as ruler of the nation.

Are our leaders prepared to administer JUSTICE ? ….. are the public of Barbados willing to support a call for JUSTICE ?

Only then will we ‘put away’ the evil from the midst of us with the EXECUTION of the wicked men who are undermining our peaceful society.

The Police are against vigilante activity ?….. fine…. then let them do it for us….. and let the Politicians extend the necessary powers to enable them to properly clean up our land …. it can be done …. but it requires the WILL to do it…. and it will NOT be popular with everybody…… Politicians should know that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to please everybody….. their responsibility is to do whats best for Barbados….. and right now, cleaning up the land from gun-toting thugs in the interest of preserving it as a safe haven for tourists (and themselves) should be a priority….. it calls for radical change to the ‘manner of doing things’ ….. but only a radical departure from the ‘status quo’ will work in this situation……. rampant violence and murder has the potential to endanger EVERYONE living or visiting this island ….. and you have God’s blessing in stamping it out …… so what are you waiting for ?

Healthy Habits

As a child and young adult, I ate whatever I wanted and did not make much connection between food, exercise and health.
I was diagnosed with ‘asmatic bronchitis’ on several occasions and so every time I got a cold or flu, I was concerned and my mother was concerned and it was off to the doctor and regularly became a long affair…. fever, antibiotics, coughing and wheezing for one, two or even three weeks at a time depending on severity.
I missed a lot of school as i did not want to go when I was feeling sick and my mother was also fearful to send me. I developed a fear of sickness and I am sure this made me feel a lot worse and prolonged my bouts with illness as it combined with my negative outlook in always expecting the worst.
But it was only after my father died of heart attack (two major heart attacks in less than 48 hours…. the second one while in ICU at the hospital after the first)….. that I started trying to unravel the mystery of the correlation between health, diet and exercise.
Having changed my diet and started regular sustained exercise, the improvement in my health was dramatic….. years went by without seeing a doctor or swallowing a pill….. furthermore all my ‘allergies’ simply disappeared.
I became a health fanatic… but the most serious part of it all was that in my good health I wandered away from total reliance on God and became a very ‘worldly’ person.
Some people never find God at all, whether sick or not…. but for those who have known God, most call on Him more when they are sick than when they are well….. it’s not that we abandon God altogether, but rather we get caught up with our lives and simply do not draw as close to Him as when we are sick.
So He has used sickness in my life (from time to time) to get my attention and teach me what He wants to teach me.
The first thing I had to learn was that I should NOT ‘expect’ a natural outcome….. looking up stuff on the internet can provide helpful information from a ‘natural’ or ‘material’ point of view, but as ‘children of God’ the ‘natural’ does not automatically determine our fate.
The Bible contains many precious promises that God has made to us and all it takes for them to come true for us… is the ‘faith to believe’.
As I look back over the past year….. I have been thru things that keep people in bondage for their entire lives…… insomnia, various manifestations of anxiety and panic disorder…. I learned ‘first hand’ that real physical symptoms can be caused by what people who are not afflicted would regard as ‘silly mental states’.
I am now aware more than ever how people are kept in bondage for their entire lives by their own mental ‘ideas’.
Whether a person is a Christian or not….. the demonic forces that are seeking to get control over people start with the mind.
Here is the warning…. even those persons who do not believe in demons and think that ‘mental illness’ is nonsense and can never affect them….. are easy targets for control because they just do not realize that most of the stuff they think is their own is actually planted in their mind and they just execute it.
How many people monitor their thoughts constantly and ask where did that thought come from ?….. Very few…. because most do not even stop to ask the question where do thoughts come from in the first place ?

2 Timothy 2:26 “And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will”

It’s a heyday for demons…. planting evil ideas in peoples minds and getting them to execute them….. and why do they execute them ? ….. because there is no moral compass in their lives…. no standard of right or wrong…. no fear of the consequences …… and no fear of God…… any of us can resist executing any idea that comes into our heads (because we have been given a free will) but we need to have a REASON to RESIST…… we resist executing evil ideas because we know it’s wrong…. without a sense of right and wrong… we are just animals seeking for whatever our flesh desires at the time…. sex, food, pleasure, etc….. and easily controlled by evil spirits.

‘With God all things are possible’ (Matthew 19:26)…. I urge you today to take control of your life and give it to God….and do not let evil spirits run your life for you.

What are the Healthy Habits I started with ?…. sure diet, exercise and sleep benefit the physical body…… but negative emotions like anger, hatred, resentment and FEAR undo most of these bodily benefits ….
The healthy habits you need are….
1. Talking to God regularly during the day. (Prayer)
2. Actively trusting Him to oversee your day and your life.
3. Studying the Bible to find out right from wrong and how He expects you to behave (gaining True Wisdom from God’s Word concerning human affairs)

If you will develop these habits (and they will be hard at first because the evil forces are not going to give up on your life without a fight) the physical, mental and emotional benefits will exceed anything you might have imagined possible….

The Bible says, “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.” (2 Chronicles 16:9)

Absolutely nobody has ever practiced those 3 healthy habits and regretted it….. but rather,what happens is, people give up practicing healthy habits for all sorts of reasons and you can be sure the demon(s) close to you will suggest many reasons into your mind and try to distract you in many ways….. it’s up to you to set your WILL to RESIST and to cry out to God for help when you need it….. God is on your side, He wants you to develop Healthy Habits.

‘For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.’ (2 Timothy 1:7)

Do not let the world, the flesh and the devil ruin your fellowship with God because it’s not worth it.


Many times when myself or my wife might be witnessing to somebody we get a response like, “I have my own beliefs”….. and that’s OK…. in fact, I would be quite surprised if you did NOT have your own “beliefs”…… but having your own beliefs should not stop you from investigating what I am trying to tell you ? ….. what about TRUTH ?….. how important is it to know THE TRUTH ?…… are you certain your beliefs are THE TRUTH ?…… how can you be so sure ?

You know what the real problem is ?…… most people are really not concerned about spiritual matters….. and therefore they are not earnest seekers after THE TRUTH.

I have often said (and say it again)…. if “the Bible’ and the subject of “God” is just an intellectual discussion (or a topic of argument) for a cocktail party (or some other social occasion when you are looking to ‘pass time’) then it is futile talking to you about ‘TRUTH’….. because it’s just not that important in your life.

How important is fellowship with God to you ? …… lots of people truly believe that fellowship with God is actually impossible….. even though they may pray, it’s usually out of desperation, ‘just to cover all bases’ so to speak…. but they really do not believe in their heart that anybody is listening or will answer their prayer.

Don’t you think that ‘REAL CHRISTIANS’….. the kind who are devoted to ‘the things pertaining to God’ and the study of ‘the Bible’ above everything else in life….. what the public would call ‘fanatics’ ….. don’t you think that these seekers after THE TRUTH occasionally have doubts ? ….. don’t you think that these seekers after THE TRUTH are always willing to question their own sincerity as well as the doctrines they espouse ?…. of course they are…. why ? …… because it’s literally a matter of ‘life and death’ to them…. it’s the most important thing in their lives….. and they always want to be sure that they are on the right path…. that they are pleasing God….. and that they are living as He would have them live…. and doing what He would have them do….

So…. for those of us who are totally dedicated to serving God…. how can we be so sure we have THE TRUTH (and are not following ‘cunningly devised fables’ – 2 Peter 1:16) ?????

First, we have the witness of Scripture against which to test our lives – do our thoughts, words and actions agree with what the Bible tells us that God expects of His children ?

Secondly, we have the witness of the Holy Spirit of God working in our conscience to steer us in the right direction.

Thirdly, we have the evidence of God’s hand in our lives….. answered prayers….. providential care….. all serve to re-assure us of His fellowship and blessing…. and elicit our response of Adoration, Praise and Thanksgiving.

For those of you skeptics ….. who say “fine – you may be devoted to the Bible but it is just one book among many and was written by man and contains just as much error as any other book ….. me now, i’m devoted to the _____ (Torah, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, Book of Mormon, whatever) and I ‘experience god’ also….. all paths ultimately lead to _____ (Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise, Utopia, whatever)…… in fact, HOW DARE YOU TELL ME that YOUR Bible and YOUR way is the ‘only way to God’…. how dogon ARROGANT….. just who do you think you are ?”

But my friend, don’t you think we have thought of all this ? ….. don’t you think we have not investigated all these various world religions and supposed paths to a god ? …… many of us (who have actually found THE GOD) have been seeking for years in all these other places……some deep into these FALSE religions of men…. many started in childhood in the WRONG places….. raised as Mormons, Muslims, whatever…… how then could we escape DECEPTION ? ……. we had ONE THING in common….. we were seeking after THE TRUTH and we were seeking for it with all our heart…… and when God revealed it to us, we were willing to part with our past….. even if it put our lives at risk…… do you not think that Muslims convert to Jesus Christ at the risk of their own lives (such is the demonic and evil nature of that ‘religion’ and the hold it has over it’s followers).

GOD has said, “You will find ME when you seek me with ALL YOUR HEART” (Jeremiah 29:13)

The evil beings that control this planet will do anything to stop a human from being saved by Jesus Christ.

Many false religions offering praise to ‘god’ are actually serving the devil or one of his many demons…… how can we be so sure ?…. well, in spite of all their ‘prayers’ and ‘outward religious practices’…… they must be serving the wrong god because their lives manifest every evil work and vice…. hatred, intolerance, cruelty and murder……… now contrast this with the God of the Bible and His Son, Jesus Christ, and the way of Peace, Happiness, Harmony and Love.

‘By their fruits ye shall know them…..’ (Matthew 7:16 – 18)

True CHRISTIANS …. are universally hated by the world…. and by all false religions that worship other ‘gods’…….

Many ‘supposedly Christian’ churches have also done some very UNCHRISTIAN acts…… further adding to the hatred of True Christians by people who cannot differentiate between a TRUE CHRISTIAN and a deceived ‘christian’.

The ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH has done more to damage the ‘Real Christian Faith’ than any other organisation on earth …… so no wonder the public is skeptical and confused…… but what about YOU….. yes ….. YOU ….. personally.

If YOU really want to know the TRUTH…… the LIVING GOD ….. Creator of Heaven and Earth ….. and what He is really like ….. then you need to consider the Bible and read it for yourself.

It is the MOST PRINTED book of all time…… it is in all countries and languages….. and it changes LIVES for the BETTER….. because the Power of God rests upon it …… it is in fact, GOD’s book to the human race…… and outlines His dealings with mankind from the beginning to the end of time itself.

You cannot afford to ignore it….. look around you and see what is happening with the world …… and then start reading it….. and keep reading it till GOD reveals Himself to you.


All our lives we have lived in a world where ‘there is some good in the worst of us and some bad in the best of us”

As the time of the end approaches the pressure to make a decision for or against God and the Gospel will increase.

The stakes will be very high….. the Word says that “no man might buy or sell , except he that has the mark”….. millions will take the mark gladly….. millions more will take the mark sadly because they know the truth but fear the alternative consequences….. only a small number of people will be totally loyal to God and abandon themselves to whatever is His will by refusing to compromise.

the ‘middle ground’ of ‘persons sitting on the fence’ (undecided) will rapidly disappear and complete polarization will ensue….. either ‘for’ or ‘against’ God.

Even though persons receiving the mark will have some temporal advantage in having access to food, housing or health care…. it will be short lived …… because they will soon find that taking the mark was no escape from misery, as Revelation tells us plainly in Revelation 16:2 ‘there fell a foul and painful sore upon the men who had the mark of the beast” and subsequent events will serve to permanently and completely ruin their ‘comfortable’ lives….. in fact, Revelation 9:6 tells us ” in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.”

So completely evil will be the inhabitants of earth by this time that the nations will unite to make war against Christ and the army of God….. Revelation 19:19 tells us “the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against Him that sat on the horse, and against His army”

I can just see the headlines in newspapers all across the world….. ‘All nations united to fight the Alien Invasion of our planet’

Imagine the folly of it all…..

Nations of the world REFUSE to believe the TRUTH of the ‘Great God and Creator of the Universe’ …… and instead prefer to believe that ‘extraterrestrials’ are invading our planet.

The outcome is certain and the conclusion of the matter already documented…… no amount of ‘technology’, sophisticated weaponry or human courage or pride can defeat the Creator of the entire Material Universe….. so the beast is taken and the armies of the earth crushed …. Revelation 14:20 and Revelation 19:17 – 21 give us a glimpse of the CARNAGE and dead bodies on the surface of the earth after the battle.

will there be anybody left on earth at all after this battle of man against God ?

Ezekiel 39:12 tells us about what happens afterwards…..

You see….. long before John ever wrote the Revelation….. or Jesus Christ ever walked the earth….. prophets like Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Joel and Zechariah had been given glimpses of the future…… each one was a little different, but taken together we can be very certain how history is going to play out.

The question today is ……. what is the state of your heart before an AWESOME and HOLY GOD ? …… surely you owe it to yourself, in light of recent world events, to consider the overwhelming evidence that the Bible does, in fact, predict the future of humanity….. how can you afford to ignore it ?

You need to be open minded enough to be willing to investigate the Bible ….. and you need to be observant enough to understand what is going on in today’s world from a Spiritual point of view…
Do not delay, respond now to the calling of Jesus Christ and let Him change your life and your destiny…. I assure you that you will not regret it.