A Brief History

When I started Stephen’s Bible Insights in 2010, I could not decide how to organize the posting content so some of the titles were Scripture references (book,chapter,verse) and some of the titles were topical (angels, demons, heaven, hell, homosexuality)….. as the years rolled by I found myself posting more to Facebook and less to this blog and my post titles on Facebook where always 2 – 4 words beginning with the same letter (a habit I had developed when posting newsletters on the Barbados Photo Gallery  between 1997 and 2004)….. then because the Facebook timeline is all about ‘the now’ and hardly anybody ever goes back through the timeline beyond a couple of months, I realized that a lot of messages were being wasted (in the sense that they would never be seen by people who they might actually help)….. so periodically, I would ‘flood’ my readers on this blog with up to 5 or 6 posts that I copied over from Facebook at one go…..  the main advantage of putting them here is that when they are properly tagged, they can pop up in google searches under the keywords….. therefore the ‘lifetime’ and ‘usefulness’ of each individual post is superior to posting on Facebook…… so now, I have taken the decision to return to posting on this blog first…. and working in the opposite direction, that is taking selected content from here and putting it to Facebook, instead of the other way round.

Finally, over the years, I have changed my opinion on some of the content (and may not have updated it as yet) ….. for example, until a couple of years ago, I was a proponent of Old Earth Creationism …. because from the perspective of my scientific training, I could not see how the distance-time dilemma could be satisfactorily solved…… the speed of light and the red-shift make very compelling scientific ‘facts’ on which to build cosmological model….. then I met Professor Russell Humphreys in person ….. and he had found a credible solution to the ‘distant-starlight’ problem…. moreover he was able to show up some major inconsistencies in the old-earth idea that I currently had (the Gap Theory)….. finally, as a Bible believer, I knew it to be true that death (of the creation) started after the fall of man and was a result of  sin and this fact is also inconsistent with all Old Earth models…..  so folks this blog is a work in progress…. but I have promised to go into detail on the future of the planet and of the human race, before I return to writing on it’s past.

Thank you for being a faithful reader and I do welcome any comments you might have on any of the material I have published.

2 thoughts on “A Brief History

    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your comment….. I am going to bring over the last few posts from Facebook….. update the index page (which is very time-consuming and must be done manually)…. and then I will launch into the controversial subject of the End Time prophecy….. in particular, the Millennial Kingdom is a very controversial topic….. but I believe the Bible is quite specific…. and as we examine the various currently held views …. readers will realize for themselves that in many cases whole passages of Scripture are simply ignored or otherwise explained away in a most inadequate manner to support some of the views that are being touted on various websites and Youtube videos….. the TRUTH is what the world needs to hear at this point and not the sensational claims that some of the so-called ‘Christian’ fringe groups are making to tickle the fancy of those looking for ‘signs and wonders’

      We have to take very seriously the words of Jesus in Matthew 7:21

      Thanks for your comments and I hope other readers will contribute their input also.


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