As we read and study the Word of God….. we encounter passages that may be hard to understand…. and while seeking for answers, we discuss the word with others…. or do some research online… and it’s not long before we encounter all sorts of doctrines that others have formulated to ‘explain’ the issues we are mulling over.

And so it was with me….. trained in Physics from a young age and with a father who was an avid Astronomer …… I had to reconcile my Bible with scientific facts….. and it seemed to me that what is called the ‘Gap theory’ was a plausible solution….. I was particularly influenced at that time by the book, ‘The Invisible War’ by Donald Grey Barnhouse.

So for many years this was what I believed and taught….. then I encountered some New Earth Creationists and thought they were nuts (scientifically speaking of course)…. but as I did further research  it became clear that if I accepted that DEATH was a result of SIN (and I really knew this to be true) then the fossil record could not possibly be as old as the scientific community believe it to be…… after meeting Dr.  Russell Humphreys in person (he actually has a solution to the ‘distant starlight’ problem) and  finding him to be a man of academic integrity as well as a devoted and humble man of God….. I changed my beliefs on the origins of the material Universe (much to the dismay of some of my scientific colleagues)…… so what is the point of my story….. simply this….

Many humans are far too DOGMATIC about stuff that is, at best, speculative…… it is only PRIDE that would cause one to believe that ‘they have all the answers’ for stuff that, in reality, no human could know for sure.

So ….. if we are genuine seekers after TRUTH….. not only must we be willing to abandon some of our ‘pet theories’ along the way…… but we must also have the WISDOM to realize that we CANNOT know everything…… it is not good for us to know everything…. and we must earnestly ask God that He would give us the TRUTH that He knows we need….. which is a far cry from knowing the ‘total truth’ about EVERYTHING under the sun.