The population in general and the academics and scientists in particular take a very dismissive attitude to the term ‘belief’.

They mock and scoff at the religious community for their faith…. they go so far as to say that religion is for fools…. born out of a need for some kind of imagined stability (a false crutch) to explain and comfort people in perilous times of a cruel and hostile world.

They claim that science is reliable and foolproof… and is the salvation of humanity both now and in the future.

The fact that faith results in many miracles across the world on a daily basis is completely lost on them…. as they are quick to cite so-called examples of ‘failed faith’…. while ‘explaining away’ any apparent miracle as simply ‘natural causes’…. mere luck…. or simple chance…. surely this is the product of the pre-conceived notion that ‘the material is all here is’ and ‘there is no God as He is merely a myth…. invented by people for above mentioned reasons’

The only way to ‘prove’ the reality of miracles is to be truly open minded about it and give God an opportunity to intrude into your life…. the Bible clearly states that ‘He that cometh to God MUST BELIEVE that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him’ (Hebrews 11:6)

The importance of ‘belief’…. and the need to ‘believe’ is at the very core of life…

Jesus ascribed great power to ‘belief’ … and promised that those who believe would accomplish great feats.

JOHN 20:31 “But these are written, that ye might BELIEVE that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God,and that believing ye might have life through his name”

There are a number of ideas floating around that people love to quote…

“It doesn’t mattere what you believe as long as you are sincere”

“One person’s belief is no better than the next person” (all beliefs are equally valid)

But when you actually think about these statements you should realize that they are utter rubbish…

All beliefs cannot possibly be correct because many of them are mutually exclusive and believing thewrong thing can be fatal in the physical world so why should it be any different in the spiritual.

When it doesn’t bother a person whether their belief is correct or not…. it’s a sure sign that the issue is of no importance to them.

Sadly this is the state of many with various spiritual beliefs…. even when it is shown that their belief has to be faulty, they still cling to it and refuse to change.

Having an incorrect belief is fatal to your spiritual state and can affect your physical state also.

What you BELIEVE (and EVERYBODY believes something… don’t let anybody fool you otherwise) determines your mental state, your physical state, your spiritual state and ultimately your eternal state.

So we see that there is nothing as powerful or as important as ‘belief’ …. it’s sad that people are so casual with belief and are willing to dismiss it….. what about you ?

What do you believe ? are you willing to change your belief if it can be shown to be faulty ? …. I urge you today do not take ‘belief’ lightly…

Know what you believe….  and why you believe it…. test your belief…. act upon it ….

A belief that floats in thin air is useless for all practical purposes…. your belief must be grounded with a firm foundation ….. believe in the promises of God, God cannot lie and all His promises are sure…. when you ground your faith in the promises of God then the power of God works for you because He keeps His promises.

It is indeed a wonderful thing when you realize that your faith has power to move mountains… simply because it is backed by God’s Word and there is no greater authority …. He has the power and He has promised to be the resource for all those who put their trust in Him…. not once… not twice…. but many places in the Bible can you find the simple statement….. ‘Blessed is the person who puts their TRUST in the LORD’

Do you want the blessings of God and the power to deal with your circumstances ?…. then DO what the Word says…. and EXPECT the blessing and the victory over your circumstances.


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