Corrupted Christian Concept

I am noticing more and more a big disconnect between what I see in so-called ‘Christian’ forums and on Youtube and what I see in my Bible.

How is it people are looking to their church or their pastor to ‘hear from God’ instead of seeking to know God personally and hear from Him directly ?

Everyone has a Bible but nobody seems to be able to relate to it ….. except for the purpose of throwing verses at people when convenient to do so.

God wants so much more from us than that,

I hope this short video will challenge you….. there is no substitute to humility and surrender before God.

2 thoughts on “Corrupted Christian Concept

    • Hi JJ,
      There have been 4 more messages delivered since this one….. have you seen them on my Youtube channel ?….. I just posted a new message on this blog with the link to the Playlist for the series.
      Thanks for your comment and may God continue to bless you as you follow His Word.


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