Bigger Battles Brewing

Unfortunately, many Christians have an entirely wrong notion about their faith and their responsibilities toward God.

So anxious are we to ‘save’ people that we may even be guilty of not properly explaining what the plan of salvation is actually about and consequently this leads to shallow commitment and lukewarm Christianity that does not truly understand the monumental sacrifice that Christ made on the cross and the response that God expects from us to the death of His dearly beloved Son.

Quite a few churches offer their members a continuous stream of quality entertainment thru their various programs and activities, as if they are trying to outdo the world’s attractions.

People who point out that Christ Himself said, “the flesh profiteth NOTHING” (John 6:63) are quickly regarded as ‘fanatics’ or ‘ascetics’ since the Biblical view is so out of step with current church practices and the Bible is selectively read to prop-up this comfortable condition.

The fact is all who would live Godly in Christ shall suffer persecution (2 Timothy 3:12)…. even when there is no physical persecution, what about the mental attacks of the demons ?….. the closer one draws to God the more these forces try to gain a foothold in a person’s mind …. do not marvel when some minister of the gospel is exposed for sinful behavior, all that has really happened is that such an one failed to guard their mind and was overcome and overrun by filthy thinking …. which ultimately led to similar actions.

In my most recent video of ‘Five Minutes with the Word of God’ I show you how important it is to guard your thoughts and how God has placed in us the ability to do so with the discipline of metacognition.

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