Living the Lie – Part 2

I am now responding to a letter in the newspaper that appeared on Wednesday about a mother who has a male child of 14 years old and wishes to send him to school in a female uniform and have him referred to as “her” and “she.

Barbados is not Canada and we do NOT entertain that sort of nonsense in this country,,,,, she has reported that her child is depressed over the issue….. and I think it would be in the child’s best interest for her to return to Canada where “living the lie” is a permissible pastime…. but this is only my opinion…. please read on….

LGBTQ needs to understand that you cannot ‘brow beat’ an entire society into submission, and in fact, attempting to do so is as ridiculous as the ‘discrimination’ that they believe they experience.

A male who chooses to dress in female attire and pretend to be female….. is always going to experience people both in Barbados and other parts of the world who will not accept the LIE…… so if a person chooses that lifestyle they should be able to accept the ‘distress’ that comes along with it.

You cannot legislate peoples attitudes ….. so LGBTQ is trying to accomplish the impossible.

Fortunately Barbados, even though it has quite a large homosexual contingent, has always managed to avoid LGBTQ conflict….. because both sides understand reality.

Homosexuals in Barbados may be greeted with laughter and derision in some settings …. but not violence against their person….. and for many homosexuals, they actually enjoy such ‘attention’ and flaunt themselves all the more….. Barbadians are a TOLERANT people and put up with a lot…. we respect the rights of people to live their life anyway they choose, even if we do not approve and find such behavior amusing or offensive.

What LGBTQ hopes to achieve is …. 1. complete acceptance and embracing of their aberrant activity 2. Legal power to prosecute all who do not conform to their perspective.

It is a REBELLIOUS organization …. it is REBELLING against nature, common sense and reality ….. every time a person goes to the bathroom, the evidence of their gender identity is staring them in the face……. yet they not only choose to rebel but they wish everybody else to become part of their own personal LIE.

That young man should have received counseling and instruction long ago ….. so that he could either have embraced his gender ….. or prepared himself for what ‘Living the Lie’ will bring his way later on in his life.

The mother is to blame for failing to raise the child, and instead allowing the child to raise her.

I do not care what laws foolish people choose to make here or anywhere else in the world, as long as I do not physically attack people, I have a right to my attitude and freedom to express it.

I appeal to all my readers, value your freedom and your dignity as a human….. it is a gift to you from God….. and do not allow society or ‘popular opinion’ to warp either your thinking or your actions.

Are you a sheep ? ….. are you going to let society dictate your attitudes and your opinions ? …. stand tall and speak out.

It was a Mindless Mob that crucified Christ ….. half of them did not even know what was going on ……

God will hold every single human soul personally accountable for their choices ….. are you going to let your choices be decided by ‘public’ opinion. ‘popular’ opinion or FEAR of being different.

Living the Lie – Part 1

The Reason Why the Homosexual Rebellion against God’s Created Order will bring nothing but Misery to the people of this Planet.

1. When God gave the Mosaic Law to Israel, He plainly stated that obedience would bring blessing and disobedience would bring curses and calamity.
2. God plainly stated that the nations who were being annihilated to give the land to Israel were receiving His punishment for their evil ways (which included despicable sexual practices).
3. But God made a PROVISION for any person or nation that instead of going to war against Israel choose to seek HIM by following the same Laws and therefore there was the LAW OF THE STRANGER….. basically God told Israel that ANYONE who followed the Laws and sought to join themselves to Israel must be welcomed as a brother…. they were explicitly told that NO DISTINCTION was to be made to such a person who was following after God and observing the same Laws as themselves.

Examples of individuals who took up God’s offer are Rahab (the harlot of Jericho) and Ruth (who married a Jewish man)

An example of a nation that feared the God of Heaven and Earth enough to join themselves to Israel were the Gibeonites (however they were punished with hard labor for their LIES…. it would have gone differently if they had claimed the LAW OF THE STRANGER and been HONEST).

Every homosexual inclined person (there is no such thing as a ‘born’ homosexual, medical science has consistently disproved such a notion with numerous research studies) …… every homosexual inclined person has a CHOICE to make:

THE CHOICE ….. either…

A. Proudly Proclaim and Persist in their rebellion against God.

B. Seek God’s help with their inclinations, feelings and temptations….. God is well able to free, save and deliver IF any person is sincere, honest and humble for ALL (every human being) has sinned and come short of the requirements of God.

It is 100% about ATTITUDE ….. as it always was…. .. People of the Planet this is Nothing New….


God said to Cain “WHY are you angry ? and WHY is your countenance fallen ? ….. IF you do well will you not be ACCEPTED ? …. and IF you do NOT well …. SIN is waiting for you…. ”

My dear, dear readers ….. whether you feel you are “a homosexual” or whether you do not have “those inclinations” ….. YOUR CHOICE is actually the SAME …. as it was at the dawn of Creation….. Will you seek after GOD ? ….. or will you persist in Rebellion against HIM ?

It’s that simple….. I trust you will make the RIGHT CHOICE today…… bearing in mind that YOUR choice actually determines whether you receive Blessing or Cursing from the LORD who made you. and who proscribed certain attitudes and behaviors.

Honestly, it is in YOUR best interest to love and obey God…. the increasing rebellion that we witness in the world around us today will ultimately lead to more diseases, famines, wars and untold MISERY for the People of this Planet.