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Corrupted Christian Concept

I am noticing more and more a big disconnect between what I see in so-called ‘Christian’ forums and on Youtube and what I see in my Bible.

How is it people are looking to their church or their pastor to ‘hear from God’ instead of seeking to know God personally and hear from Him directly ?

Everyone has a Bible but nobody seems to be able to relate to it ….. except for the purpose of throwing verses at people when convenient to do so.

God wants so much more from us than that,

I hope this short video will challenge you….. there is no substitute to humility and surrender before God.

Five Minutes with the Word of God update

Hello Dear Friends,

A week has passed and I found a way to improve the video quality even though I have not obtained additional video lights as yet, so this next episode is much improved and I trust the short message will minister to your hearts.

I know that it is God’s Will that I continue these short messages on Youtube each week…. but do I need to put a message in here every time I upload another episode ?….. perhaps not, as you can go straight to my video channel and I have created a Playlist for the messages to be added to…. so they will be all available in one place as a series.

It takes considerably longer to write on this blog than it does to make the short video message….. but I have a backlog of messages on Facebook that I need to put here before they sink too deep into the Timeline (of forgetfulness ?).

In this internet world, it’s all about the ‘now’ …. what did you publish today ? …. but I had hoped that timeless message that took me so long to write would remain easily found in Google….. but with the vast volume of internet publishing that is going on worldwide the chances of anybody finding an old message seem dismal.

Why not send me some feedback ? I would love to hear from my readers.

Five Minutes with the Word of God

I have not posted to this Bible Blog in a long time, but I have been active on other Social Media. I would like you to view the first episode of a new series, “Five minutes with the Word of God” which will air weekly and will usually be uploaded on Friday.

God laid it upon my heart during my early morning time with Him, and I was quick to get it done but the lighting and quality is poor…… I am trying to get some video lights and a better microphone so that I can offer a  better quality video…… I hope this does not deter people from the important message it contains…. however, technical issues aside, I would really like to hear from viewers who have watched the video and/or been following this blog.

I would like you to bring passages of Scripture that you are having difficulty with, so that I may lay them before the Lord and hopefully address them in future episodes.

I do not have exceptional ability to answer all questions of the Bible…. far from that…. and there are passages that I find puzzling myself, and up to this point in time, have not received explanation…… so I certainly cannot promise a ‘satisfactory’ answer to any question you might bring…… NO….

The real value of the broadcast is that (hopefully) it get’s more people studying the Word of God …… and by keeping it short, more people will also be motivated to view it.

This weekly program replaces the sermon from the First Baptist Church which was long  and did not engage viewers to the end. However, that was NOT the reason it has been discontinued, I am no longer at that church (because God has called me to another church) and there appears to be no other person willing to record those broadcasts in my absence.

If you have a Youtube or Google+  account, please subscribe to my channel.



I am constantly amazed by these people who think they are ever so pragmatic when they objectively evaluate ‘world religions’ and ‘holy books’ and ‘systems of religious belief’ and conclude that they are all of equal value , or perhaps, they are all of ‘no value whatsoever’.

These people who consider themselves ‘ever so smart’ are the type of people who:

1. Are quick to embrace science as absolute ‘fact’ and the ‘savior’ of mankind.

2. Are quick to dismiss the Bible and ‘faith in God’ as ‘superstitious nonsense’ and of little if any value in the grand scheme of things.

The SCIENTIFIC METHOD starts with OBSERVATION proceeds to QUESTION then formulates HYPOTHESIS which proceeds to EXPERIMENTATION which leads to ANALYSIS which results in CONCLUSION….. and then starts all over again.

Funny isn’t it that so-called intelligent people cannot see the application of this to BIBLICAL TRUTH and CHRISTIAN REALITY.

OBSERVE the change in the life of genuine Christians…… QUESTION what brings about this ‘humanly impossible’ change…. formulate the HYPOTHESIS that just maybe there is actually a SUPREME GOD after all and just possibly the Bible could be true in what it says…… EXPERIMENT by giving God a chance to prove Himself to you …… ANALYSE the outcome ….. and CONCLUDE that GOD is GREATER than the ‘apparent’ laws of nature because He exists OUTSIDE of His creation and therefore is not restricted by ‘laws of Physics’ that govern the normal operation of our material Universe.

My dear friend…. if you are reading this message…. I want you to know most assuredly that people who believe that ‘faith…. Bible …. the supremacy of Jesus Christ …. and the existence of God… are all superstitious hogwash invented by ignorant people to explain their world of ages past’….. are neither scientific nor honest….. but are manifesting supreme arrogance and pride…. how can a created animal in the material world believe that the whole thing came about by chance.

‘Laws’ do not make themselves…. nor can they create anything…. they are merely an OBSERVATION of the normal functioning of material systems within the world that they are a part of.

The Bible tells us exactly what is wrong with these people…. these so-called ‘brilliant’ scientists and ‘intellectuals’ that the world believes in….. they have CHOSEN to exclude GOD from their consideration…. their entire ‘science’ is constructed on the basis that there is NO SUCH BEING…… therefore they must necessarily look elsewhere for understanding, explanation and interpretation of the data being evaluated….. and in the process they have become FOOLS selling LIES to a gullible public who also would rather NOT believe in a HIGHER BEING because that would make them ACCOUNTABLE for the way they live their lives.

John wrote, ‘But these are written that ye might BELIEVE that Jesus is THE CHRIST, the Son of God, and that BELIEVING ye might have life through his name. (John 20:31)

This FAITH that the scientific community laughs at as foolishness is, in fact, at the foundation of the material Universe….. read Hebrews 11:3

Jesus made the observation,…. if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. (Matthew 17:20)

Those people who are quick to point out all the cases where FAITH FAILED ……. ignore the many, many cases where FAITH WORKED.

Maybe it is the UNCERTAINTY of whether it will work or not FOR YOU that makes you skeptical of FAITH ….. if that is the case, how can you expect it to work ? because such uncertainty is in itself a LACK OF FAITH.

I will have a great deal more to say about FAITH in future messages….. however, Power belongs to God (Psalm 62:11)…. if you lack faith ask God for it …. God is able to give you what faith you need for whatever you are facing today.

Be sure of one thing everybody BELIEVES something, it is at the very foundation of our existence

But contrary to the popular notion that “it does not matter what you believe as long as you are sincere”….. I want to tell you that it matters a great deal…… in fact, it is the most important thing in your life …… go back to John 20:31 and READ IT AGAIN

may your eyes be opened to see the TRUTH today.