Never before in the history of this planet have we seen anything like the current nonsense being touted as ‘intellectual wisdom’.

But why should we be surprised ?

The people of God are vastly outnumbered by the children of the devil…. and the imbalance is getting worse as so-called ‘christian’ organizations seek to ‘fit-in’ with a godless and hedonistic society instead of reproving it and taking a stand for righteousness.

The people clamoring for a law against all flogging are the same people who want the IMMORAL and DEPRAVED lifestyles of the LGBT to become ‘normal’ for all society.

The children of the devil hate righteousness and anything that is Godly….. but is this new ? ….. NO….. it has been always that way since Cain killed Abel.

What is new, however…. is the lengths to which they will go to force their ungodly behavior on mainstream society….. there has always been GOOD and EVIL…. and what we are seeing in 2017 is a proliferation of evil…. EVIL made ‘respectable’ under the auspices of the ‘United Nations’ and ‘academic scholarship’ aided and abetted by ‘scientific’ research…. a phenomena that did not exist in the days of the Roman Empire when Senate members and army Generals looked for omens in the entrails of dead animals for ‘wisdom’ and ‘strategy’.

Technological data of ‘sophisticated’ societies is as easily manipulated by EVIL …. as was the ‘unscientific nonsense’ that so-called ‘primitive’ people used to guide their decisions and policies.

The Bible tells us that the WAR between GOOD and EVIL spills over into the material world in the PERSONALITIES of ‘transdimensional’ BEINGS …… in fact the CONCEPT of what is GOOD versus what is EVIL has been established by the Eternal Almighty God, the creator of everything that exists.

Not only is this Biblical record logically sound but it is also experientially testable…. God has ordained that those who SEEK WILL FIND the TRUTH…… however men have DELIBERATELY CHOSEN the evil over the good…. and they persist in this every time there is a choice to be made….. therefore God has given them over to their ‘free will’ and they have become BLINDED and no longer able to even discern RIGHT from WRONG.

This is a time for Christians in Barbados to be ADAMANT and insist and DEMAND that the laws of this land continue to reflect a Godly heritage….. and to refuse to bow to the ‘international pressure’ that is seeking to redefine society after the pattern of EVIL.

The Bible says. “Folly is bound up in the heart of a child but the rod of correction drives it far from him” (Proverbs 22:15) and “Withhold not correction from the child, for if thou beat him with the rod, he shall not die…. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell” (Proverbs 23:13 – 14)

These words were written by the wisest man who ever lived ….. the truth of them has been proved by countless generations who have followed the instruction.

Yet in 2017, we have ‘highly educated’ people using ‘research data’ suggesting otherwise ? …… do not be Deceived and Deluded by all the ‘techno babble’ …… these are ‘highly educated’ fools furthering the agenda of the EVIL one known as the Devil….. whose plan it is to DESTROY mankind…. and what better way to do it ? ….. than getting children obsessed with SEX (via Comprehensive Sexualaity Education) and simultaneously removing all discipline from them….. legalizing the use of drugs so they can have free access to those….. feeding them a diet of cartoons laced with occult demonic images possessing ‘super’ powers of Telekinesis, Telepathy and Teleportation.

The complete enslavement of young minds to Pleasure, Passivity and Possession….. with zero Self Control….. zero Self Discipline ….. so that their only way to achieve anything in life is to totally depend on the Demons in control of their minds and bodies.

Wake up Christians…. take your head out of the sand…. and war for Righteousness and Truth…. do NOT let this happen under your very noses and right here in Barbados ?


“and for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe the LIE, that they all might be damned who believed not the TRUTH, but had pleasure in UNRIGHTEOUSNESS” (2 Thessalonians 2:11 – 12)
Seriously…. people…. everybody needs to examine their ‘beliefs’ in the light of WISDOM and COMMON SENSE.
TRUE Christians are not ‘a mindless bunch of fanatics believing in fantasies’ as the academics and institutions of the world sometimes portray them.
I want everybody to understand, there is nothing ‘blind’ about TRUE faith…… God does not expect people to abandon their brains and common sense (faculties that He created in them in the first place)…… Gideon asked God for a miracle to confirm the instructions that he had received (Judges 6:36 – 40) and God accepted the challenge and performed the miracle requested of Him…… “Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts….” (Malachi 3:10).
However, examine your heart, because God does NOT ‘show-off’ His power merely to entertain unrighteous men….. that is called TEMPTING God in the Bible…… God only proves Himself to people who are GENUINE in their heart towards Him and humble to believe and reverence Him…… He will NOT entertain fools and He knows what in the heart of every human so nobody can ‘fool’ Him.
Notice in our verse for today that the REASON the ‘deluded’ people are damned is because
1. they believed NOT the TRUTH
2. they had pleasure in UNRIGHTEOUSNESS
These are conscious CHOICES of so-called ‘rational’ humans.
Now let’s relate this to LGBT nonsense…. if a person does not have female organs but undergoes surgery and hormone treatment to make them appear externally as a female…. are they not ‘living a lie’ ? …… are they not properly referred to as a ‘female impostor’ or ‘female impersonator’ ?
Legally they have the right to do this to themselves and since God also gave people ‘free will’ to make their own choices He will not stop them doing this to themselves either.
But to expect the rest of society to accept (even laud and honor) this decision….. does it not seem to fly in the face of common sense ?
WHY does the public sit idly back and allow the LGBT organizations to dictate public policy and perception ?
The situation becomes even more bizarre when talking about ‘bi-sexual’ people….. the reality is, such a person has CHOSEN to engage in relationships with both sexes and they certainly have the right to make that choice but isn’t it a bit much to expect EVERYONE to agree and congratulate them on their IMMORAL decision ?
Come on public use your common sense….. the LGBT ‘movement’ is really a hate campaign against the public, against the family and against morality itself.
They may always be talking about love and tolerance …… but it’s ‘love’ and ‘tolerance’ according to THEIR TERMS AND CONDITIONS….. they want to impose ‘their way’ on the world.
FAIRNESS dictates we should not victimize or oppress these LGBT people and they are entitled to live their lives according to their choices…… but FAIRNESS also dictates that I or anybody else does NOT have to agree with their choices and behaviors.
Tolerance and respect does NOT equal acceptance and encouragement.
Those who encourage them in their deviant lifestyles are guilty of promoting UNRIGHTEOUSNESS mentioned above.
Loving them enough to try and persuade them to change their ways….. and even holding out the hope to them that Jesus Christ is able to change them and heal them….. is NOT ‘hate speech’ and ‘homophobia’ and it is a sad reflection on the COMMON SENSE of mankind that the bulk of humanity seems to be swallowing LIES instead of seeking for the TRUTH……. and it is for this reason, that the wrath of God will eventually be poured out upon the earth.
Men have chosen UNRIGHTEOUSNESS and rejected the salvation that God has freely provided for them…. and this will be the REAL reason for the horrors that will soon be unleashed on this planet and the carnage that will follow.
Whether men like it or not they were created by God and they are accountable to Him for their actions and choices….. and when they have rejected all opportunities of His help…… there will be nothing left but judgement and wrath.
Friend, this does not have to be you….. no matter what you have done in your life…. Jesus is willing to forgive you and give you a fresh start ….. God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked (Ezekiel 18:32 and Ezekiel 33:11)
Transgender person…. no matter what you have done to yourself…. God is willing to accept you if you will acknowledge your need of Him….. why will ye die the death of the wicked ?……. when He can heal your mind and body and bless your life in His service.
Whatever immoral preferences you have embraced….. reject them now in the name of Jesus…. and ask His forgiveness and help for the days ahead ….. you may not be able to help yourself….. but merely BELIEVE that He will change you and then set your WILL and your CHOICE to focus your attention on His word and truly want the Holiness of God in your life…. and…
Impossible as it seems to you and everyone else….. a new nature will spring up inside of you and like a growing plant changes, eventually others will recognize the difference in you….. and eventually the things that you once loved and lusted for will no longer tempt you….. believe me when I say that the peace and joy of God is worth more than anything this world has to offer.
I traveled this road….. countless thousands have traveled this road through the centuries since Jesus left the earth…… why will ye be consumed in the wrath on the wicked ? …. is it worth it ?
So turn ye and live !


Salvation by GRACE through FAITH and completely apart from ‘works of the law’ (Ephesians 2:8 – 10)…… is the TRUE message of the Bible.
But that’s ‘too easy’ or ‘too simple’ for many people to accept….. so they either bind themselves to Jewish law (Seventh Day Adventists)…. or else, they create other ‘rules and regulations’ that supposedly make people ‘right with God’ (Eastern religions, cults, etc.)
The idea that people are hopeless sinners and can do NOTHING to become righteous ….. that also sticks in the craw of a lot of people…. ‘ How do you mean I am a worthless sinner, how DARE you say that to me ?….. who do you think you are ?’
You need to remind these people of two things:
1. It’s not your idea but is actually what God has said.
2. You were no better than them…. until your life was changed by Jesus Christ ….. and they can have that too ! ….. IF they will only BELIEVE the Truth.
The sad fact is ….. people prefer to believe LIES….. because they want to eat their cake and have it too….. they want to go on living in the world ‘enjoying’ their sin……. and have a ‘religion’ that still promises them blessings in the hereafter.
Are you desperately clinging to LIES today ?
There could only be 3 possibilities:
1. You just don’t care about your future…. many times this position changes as you draw closer to death.
2. You have believed a LIE and are clinging to it with the stubbornness of a mule.
3. You have found the TRUTH and have experienced first-hand the Glory of God in your life.


Is there a higher percentage of people with mental illness in the ‘Prepper’ community than in the general population ?
While many episodes of the National Geographic show are pure comedy (and the producers are quite delighted to interview ‘wack’ jobs) , here are a few thoughts from the Christian perspective.
Doomsday is not just a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ because the Bible actually has a lot to say about Armageddon and the final confrontation between an angry God and a degenerate human race.
But Jesus tells us,”Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” (Matthew 6:34)
We are to TRUST GOD to take care of us….. and we are to be busy spreading the Gospel of Jesus and doing the Master’s work…. fishing for the souls of men.
Prepping is the ultimate is SELFISHNESS…… one of the biggest features of ‘prepping’ is the accumulation of weapons (supposedly for the purpose of defending your store of food, water and fuel from the post-apocalyptic hordes of hungry marauders looking to take you out and get what you have….. as shown in the ‘Mad Max’ movies.
This is a far cry from the Christian perspective of helping others….. sharing everything you have …. turning the other cheek….. considering other to be better than yourself…. sacrificing yourself to save others (which is the example that Jesus Himself set).
and yet….. ‘ Christian’ preppers is a subset of the prepper community…… just like ‘Christian’ nudists is a subset of the nudist community….. and ‘Christian’ gays is a subset of the homosexual community…… what’s next ? … ‘Christian’ child-abusers ? …… ‘Christian’ thieves (a la Robin Hood) ?
These so-called ‘Christian’ groups need to get serious with their Bible study and realize that most of these things are INCOMPATIBLE with the Gospel of Jesus Christ …… or with God’s directives for human behavior.
As Korea gets ready to shoot missiles and Trump drops bombs….. what should Christians be doing ? …. certainly not trying to amass as much wealth as possible.
Jesus expects us to be working like never before to reap God’s harvest of souls….. it’s the most important activity in the world.
As the end draws near….. let us all draw nearer to God ….. and seek His direction for our lives.
We cannot save ourselves either spiritually or physically ….. only God can protect and deliver us according to His grace….. give Him a reason to do so by being busy with His work….. and not living a selfish worldly lifestyle like the rest of mankind.