This is going to upset any devout Catholics and i want you to understand it is not an attack on you personally….. if you are a devout Catholic, examine yourself to be sure WHERE YOUR DEVOTION LIES…… are you devout towards God and His Word or are you devout towards the church and it’s rules ?

If you are devout towards God and His Word…. then there is hope that you are open to reason and possible change in the light of new evidence.

But if you are devout to the church and it’s rules and regulations then I am afraid for the state of your soul because the evidence is heavily stacked against the church representing the truth of the Bible.

There has to be something wrong with a ‘church’ when institutionalized homosexual pedophilia becomes endemic.

We are not talking ‘isolated’ cases here….. one of two ‘defiled’ priests every hundred years or so…… rather we are talking about lots of priests in virtually every country that the Catholic church operates….. hello ? ….. am I the only person who finds something wrong with this ? …. are no Catholics themselves asking ‘Why ?’ and ‘What’s going on ?’ …. this can’t be right….. all is not well…

This latest episode in Germany …..547 boys abused by 49 church members…. and the ringleader in the abuse is the elder brother of Pope Benedict XVI

Whenever I find fault with the Catholic religion….. the veneration of Mary…. the Rosary ….. the statues ….. the doctrine of transubstantiation …. and so on…. Catholics get upset with me and try to ‘justify’ these practices…. but it’s all part and parcel of the same evil idolatry ….. instead of getting upset with me, simply open your Bible….. yes, your very own Catholic Bible and read it…. the practices that the church follows are condemned in the very same book that the church uses.

The rampant homosexual pedophilia is just the most offensive example of the pagan practices of the Roman Catholic church.

Offensive to the majority of humans …. including Catholics themselves…. is it any wonder that people are leaving this church ….. but the saddest thing is, most of them remain ‘nominally Catholic’ and forsake religion altogether….. this is actually how the Catholic church is doing Satan’s work for him…. their most effective service to Satan is in getting “all and sundry'”
to be so disgusted with ‘religion’ that they want nothing to do with it…. it goes way beyond the Catholic church now….. people don’t want anything to do with ANY church and by extension, they don’t want much to do with God either….. since His purported ‘representatives’ are conducting themselves in such an unrighteous manner…… even most of the biggest sinners can spot HYPOCRITES from a mile away and they know what evil looks like when they see it…..

Every single human being on the face of this planet will answer to God for their own wickedness….. what do you think that God is going to do to those people who, setting themselves up as His representatives turn many people away from righteousness by doing far more wickedness than the ‘average’ person ?

The Catholic church is doing more to turn people away from God by example than they can ever bring to God by their words and ‘piety’….. God wants a personal relationship with every one of us…. but some churches, including the Catholic church, are getting in the way of that happening.


It always amazes me how offensive and defensive some Christians can behave to everybody….. even other Christians in their very own church.

A proper reading of the book of Galatians shows that absolutely no righteousness comes from following laws (rules and regulations)…. God is concerned with the heart attitude….. but a proper reading of the book of James makes it plain that IF the heart attitude is right then lots of ‘good works’ will follow.

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 6:7 “Why do ye not rather take wrong ?” ….. I will tell you why….. because these people are NOT ‘walking in the Spirit’ they are totally concerned with getting their way and maximizing their ‘rights’ according to the flesh.

And so it is in Barbados right now…. as the specter of economic deprivation looms larger and larger (due to the gross mismanagement of our economy by this administration, of course)…. whether Christian or not, like crabs in a barrel, everybody out for themselves…. trying to ‘secure’ their own futures.

But wait a minute, here….. as a Christian, isn’t God your future ?…. no amount of cheating, stealing, hoarding,or other selfish behaviors can ensure or insure ‘your’ future.

Let us lend and give generously to all who have need….. let us share even with those who do not deserve it ….. even if we are called fools for doing so by the unrighteous heathen who will perish anyway even with all the money they have stolen and/or hoarded.

The time is coming ….. and now is…. when the hearts of many people will be revealed…… are you REALLY trusting God today ?…. to take care of your needs….. or are you still plotting, scheming, worrying and fretting how YOU are going to ‘maintain your share of the pie’ …. or worse…. looking to increase your luxury at the expense of others in these ‘hard times’

At the end of the day…. GOD …. is all that anybody needs….. follow the Bible with a pure heart and Walk in the Spirit and…. as Christ said…. care not for the things of this world because God will take care of your needs IF you are willing to TRUST and OBEY Him completely.

So the choice is really up to you….. do you TRUST God enough ?…. are you willing to OBEY Him ?….. or do you prefer to scrabble with the rabble…. relying on your own ‘smarts’ and wicked SELFISHNESS to give you ‘a cut above the rest’ … but for how long ? …. when calamity strikes that you cannot cope with you going out one way or the other…. it’s ultimately FUTILE.

Me thinks the ‘way of Holiness to the Lord’ is the most sensible thing anybody could ever do….. no matter what the ‘general public’ says about you….. always remember THEY MADE FUN OF NOAH but they were all ultimately swept away in the flood….. and so it will be with this wicked and perverse generation.

The grass withers and the flowers fall…. but the Glory of the Lord endures forever. (1 Peter 1:24 – 25)


If Christians are lacking in spiritual discernment it is because they are pandering to their fleshly desires and not seeking after holiness and righteousness with the zeal that God desires and expects of them.

When you can have entertainers like Alice Cooper claiming to be ‘Christian’ and Snoop Dog making a ‘gospel’ album …. clearly large numbers of people have no idea what ‘being a Christian’ means or what the ‘gospel’ actually is ..

It has always baffled me why ‘Christians’ are so ‘blind’ to the truth..

Here are a few possibilities:
1. They don’t read their Bible regularly and they rarely pray.
2. When they do pray, it’s usually because they desperately need God to do something that they want.
3. Their perception of what it means to ‘be a Christian’ is taken from their church and friends, rather than from the Bible.
4. They really want to live their life like the unsaved person and escape the consequences….. therefore they intentionally choose a ‘brand of Christianity’ that lets them ‘eat their cake and have it too’

The reason sinful and unrighteous entertainers would attempt to make any ‘Christian’ music could be

1. They are deliberately trying to increase their market share by including ‘gullible and deceived Christians’ into their fan base.
2. They hope that by doing a few ‘gospel songs’ it will somehow undo all the other evil they have done that is weighing on their conscience.

The whole question of what music genuine Christians should be listening to is so contentious and the number of people lacking any kind of discernment guarantees that any secular musician who makes a few religious songs will increase their profitability and fan base….. and the subtle inclusion of unholy music in church services also ensures that the ‘worship’ never rises above the flesh and the church affected is completely incapable of doing the Spirit-led work that God would have it to do.

The Contemporary Christian Music scene is perhaps the greatest threat that the true church of Jesus Christ faces in 2017…… compromise ….. through the vehicle of music…… Satan’s master stroke to undermine the church….. and little wonder…. since music is Satan’s specialty and he enjoys almost complete control over the music industry.

How can Christian musicians remain faithful to God ?
How can Christian people exercise discernment in what they listen to ?

I will have to tackle these issues in another post.


In this Part 2 …. I examine the underlying problem of ‘science’ itself.

I am well aware of natural selection, adaptation, heredity and common ancestor data that evolutionists use to ‘prove’ their case…. and thus, extend these processes over millions of years to reach the ‘amazing’ conclusion that all life on earth evolved from some biological slime merely by CHANCE.

I am also aware of the disdain they have for anybody or any idea that involves a creator or designer….. ‘science is by definition, they assert, limited to observation and inference from the material world ALONE’ ….. ‘unprovable creators’ are EXCLUDED….. and are NOT science.

Well if you want to take that snotty attitude, fine….. however, it is worth noting that this was NOT always the ‘definition’ of science….. many of the early pioneers were men of faith who, because of their faith and the way it influenced their thinking were INSPIRED to do experiments to test things in the ‘real world’…… and they made no hard and fast distinction between the ‘material’ and the ‘spiritual’ realms, preferring to explore the wonders of nature in all it’s various forms with an OPEN mind…. one wonders if some of the ‘facts’ that present-day scientists rely on would ever have been discovered if those men had viewed the world as purely materialistic.

There is no way to actually prove that humans evolved from slime over millions of years, yet it is taught as an absolute fact……. is not that just as preposterous as asserting that the unseen realm of spirits is also an absolute fact ?

I mean we can observe the adaptation and natural selection at work in today’s world….. and we can also observe ghost hauntings and poltergeist activity and the actual effect that has on temperature, magnetic fields and air pressure…. yet one is a ‘science’ and the other belongs in the psychological department….. how convenient….. but when it comes down to observation, data collection and effect on the material world they are identical in nature.

This definition of ‘science’ as purely material is directly responsible for some really absurd ideas to be taught as ‘facts’ to young, vulnerable school children

Furthermore, the effect of this educational brainwashing and materialistic way of thinking leads to some very socially negative outcomes…. creationists are correct to DEMAND equal exposure of their conclusions as every bit as ‘valid’ in educational institutions….. so that the young, formative brain may be able to be inspired to explore for itself from an unbiased perspective.

It is clear to anybody that the Bible is a subject of ridicule to the current ‘scientific’ establishment…. and all intelligent, educated people should fight back….. because matters of faith have a huge bearing on the business of life on this planet, and it has always been so…… this sterile, materialistic, atheistic and fatalistic outlook on life IS leading to a future and it is a horrible future that nobody, presently living, would want to be a part of if they had a choice.

All of you reading this have a part to play…. to preserve the quality of human life as we have known it….. it is time to stand up and be counted for something…. right here in Barbados we can insist that the Godless, pagan doctrines of so-called ‘more developed countries’ does not enter the law of our land.