I am surprised how some Christians could actually believe that “salvation” can be lost…. the Bible is consistent in teaching the “family” concept in relation to God, Jesus and us…. when we get saved we are born “into the family of God by God” (John 1:13)….  “now are we the sons of God….” (1 John 3:2).

The relationship of father and son is not changed if  a “son goes and does all manner of wickedness”….. the parable of Jesus shows this (Luke 15:11 – 32)….

Furthermore, our salvation rests with God and NOT with us….  “He who has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6)…

“Once saved, always saved” is the position taught in the Bible and I guarantee that I can properly explain any verse you might find to the contrary…. try me….

The REAL questions we should be asking ourselves, when we see a “Christian” behaving worse than an unbeliever is:

1. Was he ever really saved. (Matthew 7:21 – 23)

2. If so, what is God going to do to him now  (Hebrews 10:31)

Salvation is a miracle of God that takes place in a person’s heart, nobody can say with any certainty whether another person is saved or not….. and some people do not even know if they are saved, far less anybody else…..  but actually, it IS possible to know within yourself that you are saved  (Romans 8:16)

Finally, regardless of backsliding, God is able to work in the hearts of those who have actually been saved and turn them back to Himself…. I am a living testimony of that and so are many others.

The very notion that salvation can be “lost” and “recovered”  makes no sense at all….  how can a person be “saved” one day  and “lost” the next ? …. this is simply NOT the way that God operates with humans…. salvation is an unmerited GIFT of God that is actually a MIRACLE in the life of a person…… God does not “waste” His miracles and “take back” His gifts….  the real problem with people who believe that we can drift in and out of salvation on a daily basis is that they are believing in a WORKS-based salvation  without even realizing it, they have made salvation a “reward of God” for “good works”…. when the Bible clearly teaches that it is NOT so……   “good works” may issue forth AFTER genuine salvation has taken place in the heart….  but any other  “good works” have nothing to do with salvation….. nobody can “gain” salvation BY “good works”…… and plenty other people can do “good works” who don’t even claim to be Christian or even believe in God (far less Jesus Christ).

IF you are a true Christian reading this, then I hope that God will soon “witness” salvation to your heart so that you may know for sure that you ARE saved…… believe me, when that happens you will do “good works” spontaneously and with joy

IF you have never been truly saved but want that assurance right now…. just talk to Jesus (like you would talk to another person) and genuinely ask Him  to come into your life and clean it out…. ask Him to forgive your sins…. and then follow through with your commitment to LIVE FOR HIM and follow His instructions in the Bible

IF you are a backslider who once knew the goodness of God and sin has made a mess of your life….. it’s no accident that you are reading this today….. you need to repent and Jesus will take you back again (He is the one who told the story in Luke 15:11-32)….. He wants you back no matter what you have done and He will heal your life and restore the joy you once had….. He did it for me….  He has done it for others ….. and He will do it for you too.