The IMPORTANCE of believing

John 20:31 tells us “these things are written that you might BELIEVE that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that BELIEVING you might have LIFE through his name”

Many people say that they believe in Jesus, but they do not…. because they fail to understand what the word “believing” implies.

people claim to “believe” in all sorts of things but what practical outcome results from such “believing” …. NONE…. and if called to take a life-or-death decision on such beliefs then we find that they are mere ideas without true conviction.

If you really believe the Scriptures then you will make certain changes in your life, your goals, your ambitions and your actions.

Witness the “Doomsday Preppers”, their whole lives are changed DRASTICALLY once they are converted to prepping….. and then everything revolves around prepping ….. they are called “crackpots” by their own families (but that does not stop them)….. they join the prepping community and their whole life literally revolves around prepping.

and so it is with TRUE Christians….. once they have been “born again” their life revolves around doing the will of God and fellowship with Jesus…. old things are passed away and all things are become new (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Stop and take stock of your life today….. are you merely giving mental assent to a “belief” with no real impact on your life…. or are you “living for Jesus”

The Bible says “Let him that names the name of Christ depart from iniquity” (2 Timothy 2:19)

The Bible says “Love not the world or the things that are in the world” (1 John 2:15)

How are you spending your time ? what are your priorities ?


What is your perspective today ? Do you have a proper vision of God ? a proper perspective on the world around you ?

Today we laugh at the primitive people who worship idols of wood and stone …. we are sophisticated, educated… intellectually advanced….. but still IDOLATERS !

Pleasure, entertainment, money, power, sex…. these are the things that are important to us…. more important to us than God in many decisions that we make regarding how we spend our time.

God must come FIRST in our lives…. how can you call yourself a Christian and not put God first ? …. Jesus, by His example, always put God first throughout His earthly life…. but today’s Christian has a “what can God do for me today” approach and they expect to use God as a convenient way to get what they want.

Isaiah 51:11 “Therefore, the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion, and everlasting joy shall be upon their heads; they shall obtain gladness and joy, and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.”

This is not a bunch of selfish people… wrapped up in their own concerns…. and trying to live the “American dream”…. this verse is about people completely in love with God.

Hear the Word of the LORD, “Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker ! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou ?” (Isaiah 45:9)

“Look unto me, and be saved, all the ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is none else” (Isaiah 45:22)

If you say you are a Christian then put God on the throne in your life…. and spend your most precious TIME in fellowship with Him and ….. your perspective will certainly change because you will view this world, and everything in it, in a completely different way.

Only then will this verse become true for YOU, “they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world” (John 17:14)

Your perspective changes towards the world, people and the affairs of your own life as you draw closer to Christ in fellowship.

Let me ask you this, do you really know Him ?  have you really experienced the presence of Christ in your life ? If not, it’s probably because this world and all the affairs of this life are really more important to you.