Dedicated Christians WANT to know God’s will DAILY in all their circumstances and situations…… but as humans, we also have our own desires and natural weakness of the body and of the mind…. finally there are numerous demons trying to influence us in any way they can to do evil in the sight of the Lord and/or reduce us to a state of misery (mentally of physically).

HOW DO WE KNOW when some thought, idea or “voice in our head” is of God… of us…. or of evil beings ?  here are some suggestions:

1. we have to ponder the effect and outcome of it…. would it be spiritually neutral (neither good or bad) ? ….. because that is the only option in which our choice would be unclear…. because God does not lead to do evil and demons (satan) do not lead us to do good…. the Bible is our source of knowledge about what is good and what is evil and although the Holy Spirit many time helps us to know right from wrong directly in our hearts… He will not lead us contrary to the Bible Word.

2. if it’s neutral, how do we feel about it ?…. if it’s not something we wish to do, is there any benefit in doing it or not doing it ?

3. Finally, when we still do not know what to do… we have to TRUST that whatever we do will be according to God’s will…. because we have ASKED and BELIEVED that He will guide us…. God knows that we are testing to see if it’s of Him or not…. and He knows our hearts want to please Him… therefore if occasionally we make the mistake of thinking that the Holy Spirit’s leading is actually the leading of the devil, we are NOT guilty of the “unpardonable sin” because the unpardonable sin (calling the work of the Holy Spirit evil) is committed by people who are NOT “open minded” about the issue but have their own agenda… it suits them to commit the sin.

The case of Balaam

I used to think God was rather hard on Balaam (read Numbers 22:5 – 24:25 and Joshua 13:22). I mean he did what God told Him to do… He blessed the children of Israel  (even though that prevented him from getting Balak’s money)… He was obedient to God.. and still ended up getting murdered by the same children of Israel who he blessed.

His evil was that it was a GRUDGING obedience… Balaam wanted to curse the Israelites and accept Balak’s money…. and when he did not get his way (because God would not allow it)…. he showed Balak  how to ruin the Israelites by getting them to sin against their God (read Numbers 31:16 and Revelation 2:14).

Balaam did not love God… although he obeyed him…. and yet God used Balaam to do his work and afterwards destroyed him for his own sin.

THERE IS A WARNING IN HERE FOR PREACHERS OF THE GOSPEL TODAY….. who love money but do not have a right heart before God…. people think they are so holy… and they themselves think they are so holy, because they are in direct communication with God and preaching powerfully under His anointing…. healing, saving and have world-wide ministries…. huge churches, planes, houses, cars….. but if their HEART ATTITUDE is not right before God… they are no better than Balaam and will eventually be  destroyed for their own personal wickedness unless they REPENT

The case of Paul

In Acts 21:4 – 14 we see that the Holy Spirit warned Paul not to go to Jerusalem… and Paul chose to go anyway and suffered the consequences predicted.

I have often wondered about this, what caused Paul to be so defiant in the face of the prophecies?  Did God want him to go to Jerusalem or not ?

Since I don’t believe that Paul would intentionally disobey a direct command of God, I can only conclude that he must have felt that God was testing his resolve (with these prophecies) to see if the fear of capture and imprisonment would stop him from going there.

Certainly there is nothing in Scripture to suggest that God was displeased with him for his choice to ignore the warning… perhaps the lesson is that inspite of our wilful choices God does not abandon us although we suffer for our disobedience… and Paul was able to still write his letters in spite of his circumstances… because Paul’s heart was right with God.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, Pleae help us to make the right choice when we do not have a clue what you would have us to do. Amen.



Churches argue over “the eternal security of a believer”, some say that the “once saved, always saved” idea cannot possibly be right, that if a person leaves the church and does “worse sins” than before they were even “saved”, then they automatically forfeit their “salvation”…. they say if the “once saved, always saved” idea was correct then it would mean that people could come and get “saved” and then do as they like (presumably enjoyng their sinful life) and still get to “heaven”…. they like to use Ezekiel 18:24 and  Ezekiel 33:10-20 to prove that if you do not keep up your “salvation” by a continuous “holy walk” then you will be damned just like everybody else.

BUT ALL THIS FLAWED REASONING… and it is a case of not comparing Scripture with Scripture to see what the true meaning of the passages could be.

First, the reasoning is flawed because it is a “MAN CENTERED” idea…. it makes “salvation” nothing more than an “act of the human will and/or emotions”…. tonight we hear a good preacher and get convinced to go up to the alter and “accept Jesus”….. but maybe tomorrow, you decide it was all a “bad idea” and carry on with your sinful life.

But Jesus said “…no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father” (John 6:65)…. to be TRULY saved is more than sweet music, convincing preaching and lots of emotion as the preacher MAN tugs at your “heart-strings”… so let’s face it, lots of those people swarming to the alter to make “Jesus Lord and Saviour” are NOT TRULY SAVED… it’s easy for them to go back “into the world” because they were never saved in the first place.

But then what about the passages in Ezekiel ? … and how then can a person KNOW if they are truly saved or not…. maybe it was all fake ?

First the passages in Ezekiel may refer to “ceremonial religion”…. the word “righteous” is used in this context in Matthew 5:20… and secondly, the punishment  may refer only to physical death rather than eternal death…. IN ANY CASE,  John 10:28, Romans 8:38-39 and Phillippians 1:6   CLEARLY indicate that if a person is REALLY saved then the condition CANNOT be altered by anything that they do (although they will not escape punishment for their willfull sins, yet they will not be dis-inherited… and this is the case with Israel also…. “for the gifts and calling of God are without repentance” Romans 11:29… God does not save a person one minute and then un-save them the next… and futhermore, salvation is NOT given because of anything that we have done or not done… it is a GIFT of GOD, totally without any merit on our part)

So now…. HOW can a person know if they are TRULY saved ?… they will eventually know…. because GOD will REVEAL this to them…. we are not saved by any act of man (there is no formula…. such as get up and go to the alter… repeat some words after me)…. the salvation is NOT a work of the “flesh” although many, many “megachurches” do a lot of “saving”…. IN THE FLESH…. ? … so how can we know if it’s “of the flesh” or “of the Spirit” ? …. SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT…..”The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God” (Romans 8:16) “… as many as are led by the Spirit of GOD, these are sons of God” (Romans 8:14)

FAITH and OBEDIENCE…. you cannot get away from this….  “TRUST and OBEY for there is NO OTHER WAY to be happy in JESUS but to TRUST and OBEY” (John H. Sammis)

People… you cannot reason this out with LOGIC…. nor can you sort it out with RITUAL… GOD’s calling on our lives is bound up in His FOREKNOWLEDGE of our future and this is beyond our comprehension…. OUR only DUTY as humans is to TRUST and OBEY…. we do not know our future, but GOD does…. when we fall on our face before HIM, HE KNOWS EVERYTHING about us….. it is easy to fool people… and it is also possible to fool ourselves…. but it is IMPOSSIBLE to fool GOD…. TRUE salvation ? ? …. GOD knows whether you are saved or not… and if you are, you will eventually know it too, because He will reveal it to you as you study Scripture and seek Him in prayer…. if you are not saved, well you could spend your entire lifetime believing, reading Scripture and praying THINKING that you are saved without realizing your serious need, just a victim of delusion and a tool of the devil…… the certain KNOWLEDGE of your salvation DOES NOT COME from anything you do or do not do….. God gives this revelation IN YOUR SPIRIT and you just KNOW IT (but the devil even has a counterfeit for this too… the difference is in the life and the fruit…. the tares may look like the wheat BUT THEY ARE NOT WHEAT )  even when you face your final judgment with SHOCK at discovering your error (if you do not discover it before that time)…. you will still be reminded of those times when you FELT that “all was not well with your soul” and yet you CHOSE to “ignore it”….. the promptings of GOD are gentle and easily dismissed…. UNLIKE the promptings of the devil which are “quite clear” and “loud”…. did you know that there are pastors of various churches being led by demon spirit, thinking they have the Spitit of GOD ???

You are to LOVE and SERVE GOD with your WHOLE being…. this includes spirit, soul and body…. therefore you cannot IGNORE one part for the other… ALL must be involved….. therefore the Spirit of God will never lead your human spirit contrary to His word the BIBLE… even though you are to be led by your spirit…. you are still expected to TEST such leading against the TRUTH of HIS WORD…. and it is in this way that you AVOID being led by evil spirits…. it is in this way that you avoid SPIRITUAL DECEPTION.

God KEEPS His children from the evil one…. Jesus, the Great Shepherd, will not allow deception to continue IF you are TRULY SAVED…. a CHOSEN ONE of His flock.

THE BIBLE has within it’s pages the KEY to SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT…. the Bible is not just a book to be discussed by scholars… it is not a book with “errors”… and it is NOT just a book “written by man”….. the BIBLE contains GOD’s REVELATION of HIMSELF to the human race….. it has SPIRITUAL POWER…. and it is the link between this world and the next.

My friend…. GOD is PERFECTION in every way….. LOVE , MERCY, HOLINESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUSTICE and JUDGEMENT……. any “goodness”, “fairness” or “love” that we think we have…. or that we may recognize in other people…. is merely a shadow that He put in us of HIS OWN SELF….. this is why human PRIDE is so abhorrent to GOD.

People (even Christian people) treat GOD with so much MISTRUST… it started with Eve, when Satan got her to DOUBT GOD’s INTENTIONS…… there is NO GOODNESS apart from GOD…… and that is why “..no flesh should glory in HIS presence” (1 Corinthians 1:29)