How do we let the Holy Spirit guide our lives ?

It’s so easy to try and do things for God…. and then again, it’s so easy to simply sit and wait for God to “motivate” us…. but both these extremes are wrong and THE WAY lies somewhere in between

In the first case, we have to realize that “we” can do NOTHING for God…. no matter how eloquent, no matter how gifted, OUR efforts are NOT what He expects or accepts…. “we” cannot save a single soul by hours of persuasive talk…. “we” simply cannot do what is required…. because it is “Christ IN YOU , the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27) … read also John 15:5

The opposite extreme, is to sit back and say…. “well God work in me and do it all” and this appears to be the correct path, but we must be careful, because God has given us free will and He will not “move us like robots”…. so we might well discover that 2 years later, God has not “moved us to anything”

The MIDDLE ROAD is a co-operative effort between God and man…. that is a LIFELONG experience of struggle between OUR will and GOD’s will.

If we truly want God’s will over our own….. and we are not deceiving ourselves in this regard…. then God WILL guide us, even though we might not always realize it in every circumstance.

Ask yourself TODAY…. is my time TODAY all booked out with MY plans….. or am I truly committed to doing His will above (and before) my own…