Obedience is NOT a popular word with anybody…. adults have a hard time getting the children to do what is required…. but the same adults (if they really check themselves) are not interested in “obeying” anybody either.

1 Samuel 15:22 – 23, Acts 5:29, Colossians 3:20

Rebellion is much admired in society… and in the movies that you watch….. and (be honest) you agree with all the laws, rules and regulations UNTIL one of them does not “suit you” and then (if you do not “break” it) you only obey because of “fear of the consequences”.

Such is the state of affairs because of SIN…. before Lucifer said, “I WILL………”(Isaiah 14:13 – 14)…  there was only one WILL in the Universe and that was GOD’s perfect will….

ALL Kingdoms, Governments and Armies run the same way…. by RANK and AUTHORITY…… obedience to delegated authority through “chain of command” is what makes any army (or kingdom) STRONG…. ALL the problems in the world today would DISAPPEAR if GOD was giving the commands and everybody else was obeying them.

The failure of Satan to ORGANIZE and RULE this planet is directly linked to his own rebellion against GOD’s authority…. as the AUTHOR of rebellion he has not yet realized (nor have his followers – MANKIND) that rebellion itself is DOOMED…. the very act of rebellion has within it the seeds of its own destruction.

You will be quick to tell me of all the GOOD that “rebels” have done…. liberating the enslaved from tyranical regime and so on….  so that brings us to point number two, CHOICE.

Because there are now MULTIPLE WILLS in the Universe…. EVERY ACTION is BOTH an “obedience” to some “will” AND a “rebellion” against another opposing “will”….

What can we PERSONALLY do about this ?

Jesus taught His disciples to pray, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10, Luke 11:2)….  are we doing OUR PART ????

How can we pray for His will to be done on earth…. if we, ourselves, are not doing His will ???….. do you know what His will is ?….  but more importantly, do you have an OBEDIENT heart REGARDLESS of what His will is ?

It starts with CHILDREN (Proverbs 22:15, Proverbs 22:6, Proverbs 23:13 -14)

Today the world is doing just the opposite… instead of training the children in the ways of the LORD…. the parents are allowing the children to do as they like….. stupid laws “for the protection of children” have made many parents afraid to discipline their own offspring…. what about a BALANCED outlook ?…. where is the “common sense” (WISDOM) ?….

This has all come about because the world has FORSAKEN GOD….. they think they know better…. they think they are so smart with all their “education” and “degrees” and why should they consider a “non-scientific” Bible written by “primitive and superstitious” people to be an “authority” on any matter ?… but the joke is on them, because although Satan has gotten them to discredit God’s Word….. NONE of the “alternative methodologies” have the slightest chance of producing a BETTER world…. and as the planet slips further and further into CHAOS and ANARCHY  with each passing year (because each person says, “I dont have to obey God and I dont have to obey Satan…. I can do my own thing… I am INDEPENDANT)…. both Mankind and Satan have NOT yet learned the lesson that only GOD’S WILL can amount to anything POSITIVE and PERMANENT……  in fact, the END is already written (Habakkuk 2:14, Isaiah 11:9) …… but before this happens, the planet will become a living hell of MANKIND’s OWN MAKING…. pity the children who will suffer…. but it is all MANKIND’s FAULT….

Are you ready to OBEY Him yet ?…. have you yet realized (and understood) that your own wisdom and willpower cannot deliver you ?

You can do whatever you wish… even Christians make mistakes… and God is very patient, loving and kind…. but in the end, we will see that His will was the best after all.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, how we long for your kingdom…. but please be with us today in this enemy territory… make us wise as serpents and harmless as doves…. help us to influence some other human for You…..  minister to some seeking soul…. comfort some lost child… or whatever else you have planned for us to do today… in Jesus name … Amen.