God has given us redemption as a free gift…… it cost a lot, the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.

Three responses are:

1. Ignore it altogether …. with optional behavior, possibly involving mockery or blasphemy.

2. Accept it and continue merrily along doing your own thing.

3. Accept it and reciprocate, by giving of ourselves back to God.

Only the last option produces change in people’s lives and prepares them to meet God.

People fail to understand that the rule of God is theocratic and not democratic, and even though they have free will, they will be judged for how they use it.

The world simply cannot understand that God’s love demands a response….. and continual rebellion must eventually be dealt with.

In order for the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ on earth to take place ….. rebellion must be put down…. those who refuse the Lordship of Christ (and that constitutes the bulk of humanity) are going to be JUDGED.

Whether the “love” gospel brings you to true humility and devotion to Christ ….. or whether it’s the “fear” of God that accomplishes the same end.

The TRUTH is God is very displeased with the current state of the world and human affairs…. but He is allowing the evil to get worse and worse.

When he finally puts a dramatic stop to it all…… millions are going to suffer and die and their spirits put in torment.

It’s better that you take heed to the Word while there is still time.

What’s the point of persisting in your outright rebellion against God ? You are only bringing misery on yourself…. and it makes no sense…… REPENT today…. while there is still time.

You will find that God is faithful and true and you will be blessed and not cursed of Him.

It boggles the mind how “gay couples” can possibly think that God approves of such behavior.

The only logical explanation is that their minds have been deceived by powerful evil spirits because they know not the true God at all.

Really only three types…… deceived people worshiping a “false” image of the true God …….. openly rebellious people following their own will and acknowledging no god whatsoever….. and some people openly worshiping the Devil and following evil intentionally.

I can testify that God has blessed me for following His way even when I did not want to….. I did it out of RESPECT for God …. who He IS.

Th Bible says that the FEAR of God is the beginning of wisdom…. we may not always “feel like” we wish to follow the commandments of God…. but we must do so anyway, because is in OUR ultimate best interest to do so.

We are not robots….. we must use that same “free will” that causes people to sin ….. to force ourselves to do righteousness on occasion.

There are only TWO possible paths….. God’s way …. and the way of evil….
you cannot invent a third, “my way” because “your way” will ultimately prove to be evil also.

Frank Sinatra’s song “I did it my way”….. is actually promoting SELFISHNESS, PRIDE and REBELLION….. and that’s exactly what Satan did….. He proclaimed he would do things “his way” in direct opposition to what God had decreed…. that is the very essence of sin itself….. that’s where it all starts.

You have a choice to make….. either continue in your rebellion against the True and Holy and Righteous God……

or HUMBLY beg His forgiveness and TRUST Christ to enable you to change and then get up and OBEY God.

Trust and Obey…. for there is no other way…. to escape the judgement and have the favor and blessings of the Almighty.


It seems “love” has become an EXCUSE …..

1. First they say…. God is LOVE … which is true (read 1 Corinthians 1:4 – 8)… but it ain’t the kind of love they are thinking about…. homosexual love can be the most selfish thing on the planet and the “fruits” of it are quite devastating.

2. Second mistake is to think that “love” will protect from JUDGEMENT…. in fact, it was Jesus Christ (the man of love) who said, “IF you “love” me, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS” (John 14:15)

The sick part of all this “lovy dovy” talk is that it’s SELFISH….. and in the case of certain people…. it don’t take a whole lot for the love to quickly turn to hatred… viciousness… spite and malice …… I have seen it myself time and time again….. and the Bible properly identifies this type of “love” as VILE AFFECTIONS (Romans 1:26 – 32)

The statement “God doesn’t judge me why should you” is actually a blatant lie…
God HAS already judged you in his Word….. and we are NOT “judging” you but merely reminding you that “unless you REPENT, you will likewise perish” (Luke 13:3)…… Jesus Christ is simply NOT going to save anybody who does not repent of their sin….. we didn’t make this up….. he said so Himself !

The GOOD NEWS is that there is HOPE….. yes, HOPE… nobody has to live “in a homosexual lifestyle” any longer IF they really want to change….. Jesus has been delivering people from it since the days of the early church !!!!

Read 1 Corinthians 6:11 ….. and rejoice in both the Love and the Power of the finished work of Christ

Today you can start a joyful walk with the Lord…. isn’t that wonderful ? … all you have to do is to want to please God enough to obey Him ….

Saved Sinner


For those people on my friends list who knew what I was like before and the things I used to do

I am still your friend BUT I have been changed from the inside out…. and I no longer do those things or think the thoughts that I used to.

I have new values and a new life….. that’s what it means to be BORN AGAIN…… I live to do GOD’s will and work upon the earth as a disciple ofChrist just like in the book of Acts.

How did this happen to me ? …. when you hear the voice of God it is an awesome experience….. NOTHING else in this world matters after that !

No need to be a timid Christian one can boldly preach the Word of God…. look what happened to Peter on the day of Pentecost.

I can live the life and I can go the distance… because of Christ’s working in me (Galatians 2:20)

My whole life is changed…. and it is a GENUINE change…. it’s not like I’m living a lie or pretending to be something I am not.

You may be offended because of the things I say but you need to understand it’s not about me….. or you….. I speak the word of GOD just like Jesus and his disciples did and whether you like it or not is really your problem and not mine

Because I cannot help but speak of the wonderful works of GOD and HIS ways…. who is like unto GOD ?….. who Saves His Saints…. and Warns the Wicked that they should Repent of their Wicked Ways and be SAVED…. if the SINNER goes to damnation it is his own fault because he has rejected the counsel of a loving and wise God

Insidious Idolatry

Insidious Idolatry

People don’t like to be told that they are WRONG

People desperately want to be Pampered, Popular and Pleasured

How DARE a Christian tell anybody that they are a Hopeless sinner Headed for Hell…. that’s not cool…. that’s OFFENSIVE…

and it gets even worse…. if they tell it to a “good” person… who is a CATHOLIC or a church-goer…. gosh daddy !…… why that’s unforgivable !

But what does the BIBLE say…….. the RELIGIOUS people screamed for Jesus to be put to death even though he had done nothing wrong…… the RELIGIOUS people bound themselves with an oath to kill Paul even though he had done nothing wrong either.

…. and so it will be with the TRUE Christian ….. are there any in the house ?

The only Christian that the public likes is a USELESS one who spouts on about loving everybody but never REPROVES anybody…. is that what Jesus did ?…. time to OPEN your BIBLE and actually READ it.

It’s time to realize that the “popular Christianity” of today is NOTHING like the real thing talked about in the Bible …. the modern-day “apostles”, “bishops” and “prophets” are a bunch of PHONIES and CONMEN who wear expensive jewelry and enjoy the so-called “good life” while dishing out Satan’s gospel of Wealth, Health and Pleasure …. and every desirable thing that the WORLD has to offer !

You think Benny Hinn is a healer ? JOKE !!!

Hinn leaves behind THOUSANDS of terminally ill people after each “crusade”…. UNHEALED and left to wonder if God really cares about them…. he is a fraudster and an emissary of SATAN…. making shipwreck of people’s faith.

His carefully prepared sets and Hollywood theatrics are as well done as any Speilberg Sci-fi movie…… and he successfully sells the lie that PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR…. Benny Hinn’s LIFESTYLE displays the true extent of his AVARICE and GREED

COUNTERFEIT CHRISTIANITY giving a false sense of security is a masterpiece of Satanic deception…. reel them in…. and make them think they have escaped the obvious “worldly” condition of DRUGS, SEX and ROCK AND ROLL

Are you a LAMB belonging to CHRIST today ? the ONLY way to find out s to actually READ that BIBLE and get down on your face before GOD in humility and repentance….. there are no shortcuts…. no quite fixes….. no easy alternatives.

Comfortable Christianity is as useless and false as Counterfeit Christianity and Corrupt Christianity 

No wonder Jesus said “strive to enter by the NARROW way…..” (READ Luke 13:23 – 24)

Billions of people are ultimately doomed that the few righteous may be saved …… that’s FACT….. ignore it to your own peril…… in which category will you be found on Judgement day ??????