looking for some porn ?  pictures of young boy’s masturbating ?  naked little girls ?

You have come to the right place…..

I have posted over 130 messages on this Bible Blog…. and which ones get the most visits ?…..  masturbation, sex and nudity

Most of my deep SPIRITUAL posts may get visited once in 3 MONTHS….. but my post on masturbation gets visited many times every day, and WHO are these people visiting it ? what do they want ?… well there are a few earnest Christians looking for guidance on the topic (these are the  people for whom the post is actually written)…… but the bulk (and I do mean the BULK) of the visitors are people searching for PICTURES (PHOTOS) ?

What possible GOOD can come of this ? …. think about the FUTILITY of it ?

It is an ADDICTION…. an UNSATISFIABLE CRAVING that compels one to waste countless hours of one’s life looking for MORE “new” photos…. my friend, you need DELIVERANCE through the power of our GOD.

The LIE you constantly tell yourself is that IF you find what you are looking for you will be SATISFIED and you will stop…. but that is not what happens, even when you find the BEST that can be found… in short order, you are back to HUNTING again !

It’s just a RAPACIOUS and INSATIABLE LUST…. like so many other lusts…. that keep human souls in BONDAGE…. when there is so much MORE to life and happiness in the Lord !

If this is your first time HUNTING….. then hopefully this message will make you stop and think about the consequences of your “secret searching”….. STOP before you get really “hooked”…. and go to prayer instead, there is SO MUCH to be THANKFUL about…. give PRAISE to GOD for His goodness and mercy…. and you will soon be experiencing much more happiness and joy than if you had found  those photos you were looking for.

It is because of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed (Lamentations 3:22)

for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth (Genesis 8:21)

He understands…. and He wants to help you…. to bring you to a place of TRUE FREEDOM and HAPPINESS.

why do you think the Bible says, “Godliness with CONTENTMENT is great gain” (1 Timothy 6:6)

Do not think that this post is only about sex….

AVARICE is  the SOURCE of your continual MISERY

all you money-lovers are in the same boat as…. the sex addicts….

But God’s tender mercies are over all His works (Psalms 145:9) so there is HOPE for all of us.