NO… it’s NOT a video GAME …

BUT … demons love to play games with humans… they are very playful…. and DANGEROUS……. ONLY 3 CHOICES ARE OPEN TO YOU…. let’s examine them.

ONE…. You do NOT “believe” in demons…. you are a rational “scientist”…. you are an “intelligent” human being (for crying out loud)…… HOGWASH you say….. SUPERSTITION…. religious nonsense…. you do NOT believe in anything that you cannot objectively analyze …. measure…. touch, feel, taste, smell,hear or see….. how can you people be so downright ignorant and stupid as to believe in demons ? … if this is your attitude towards demons and the people who believe in them… then you need to know that whether you believe in them or not does not alter the FACT that they EXIST and can put thoughts into your head (which you will automatically “think” are your own thoughts and so it is still fairly easy for them to influence your life and behavior)

TWO….. You believe in them and want to know MORE about them….. well, friend, they are not called “familiar” spirits for no reason….. they can observe anything that humans do…. they know LOTS of people’s secrets….. they know what people have done in private and when alone…… they can tell you your own secrets, somebody else’s secrets….. and even your long dead great grandfather’s secrets (cause they have been around THOUSANDS of years)…… They like NOTHING BETTER than to interact with humans…… but BEWARE….. they are LIARS, TRICKSTERS and they are pure EVIL….. although they enjoy interacting with humans and may appear to be “helping” them or even “loving” them….. (channeling guides and children’s playmates)….. humans are ultimately EXPENDABLE….. since these demons have been around for THOUSANDS of years they move from one human life to another with relative ease….. you are actually a VICTIM, no matter how much they may try to convince you that you are their special friend…. you are NO MORE than an EXPENDABLE PAWN in the continuation of EVIL AGENDAS…. some people try to “use” them to get rich, famous, healthy and more powerful than their fellow man…. this strategy will ALWAYS backfire on such a person in some way…
even if you get everything you want out of them they WILL use you to further their evil agenda upon the earth (because you CANNOT “outwit” them at their own game…. they are far smarter than you are…. and they have been playing their game with countless humans for thousands of years….. your SOUL will be damned and your BODY will rot….. you CANNOT play with EVIL and not get burned.

THREE….. You believe in demons and want NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM….. are you safe ? …… the answer depends on 3 factors:

1. JESUS CHRIST…. if you have made Him the Lord over your life in reality…. that is, you are actively living to do His bidding each day…. then you are protected and more over He has given you power and authority through His name to command demons to leave your house, your life and your mind.

2. FREE WILL…. there is a measure of protection in the FREE WILL that God has given all humans… even if you are not a Christian, you can still actively resist evil and demons…. UNLESS you COMPROMISE your territory….. certain sins of the flesh pre-dispose to demonic activity….. if you have such sins in your life, then even though you want nothing to do with demons, you are still fulfilling their evil agenda and they can very much influence your thoughts and actions…. even though you want nothing to do with them directly.

3. FEAR….. if you want nothing to do with demons but you have a very real FEAR of them, they can then use your fears to manipulate you indirectly. In fact, fear of demons gives them an incredible amount of power over your life…… all humans need to conquer their fears….. and turning to JESUS CHRIST is the best way to achieve that….. when we experience His presence, love and power in our lives then it brings about a response in us….. the Bible says, “perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18)…… the way of JESUS CHRIST is a life of joy, peace and love…… isn’t it sad that so many church-goers in a plethora of “religions” do not really KNOW Jesus Christ even though He may be preached Sunday after Sunday (or Saturday after Saturday for certain churches) ?