Today we are witnessing the shameless merchandising of the PROSPERITY GOSPEL…  huge affluent churches, aided by televangelism, attract thousands of converts because they preach what the public desperately wants to hear…. that God will prosper and bless them with wealth and health, if only they will observe the “rules” of TITHING and FAITH…..  and it is the rigorous tithing of these same “converts” that keeps the “preacher” in total luxury…. his (or her) numerous mansions, planes and luxury cars is what the “converts” would really want for themselves…. and the “preacher” has told them that they “CAN HAVE IT ALL TOO”….. they just need to continue “TITHING” and exercise MORE FAITH in God.

Let us FACE IT…  virtually EVERYBODY…. WANTS a “materially blessed” life…. wants comfort and ease and freedom from financial constraints and happiness (a guilt-free conscience that I can enjoy all this luxury because it is God’s “gift to me”)…. they listen to this preacher BECAUSE HE HAS WHAT THEY WANT… and furthermore, he is telling them that they can have it too !!!!

But what does the Bible say…..  “It is GOOD for me that I have been afflicted, that I might learn thy statutes” (Psalm 119:71)…. what we want is not usually what is best for us…. only GOD knows what is best for us… are we willing to let HIM decide our fate… instead if trying to “force” Him to give us what we want ?

But can you not see the ERROR in this idea….. turn the pages of history…. read the Bible and look at the world around you….. wherever you look… you will see that BOTH the RICH and the POOR are subject to sickness, pain and death…… wherever you look you will see that the DEVOUT CHRISTIAN as well as the SATAN WORSHIPPER are subject to sickness, pain and death.

EVERYBODY CANNOT become RICH…. anymore than EVERYBODY CANNOT  be POOR….. as long as man has been on the face of the earth, there have been BOTH rich and poor…. BOTH  healthy and sick people…

BELIEVING that GOD wants you to be RICH and HEALTHY is NOT GUARANTEED to make you that way…… BUT EVEN IF IT WORKED FOR YOU…. even if GOD allowed you to get what you want…. IS IT THE BEST THING FOR YOU ???…. what are the RESPONSIBILITIES and CONSEQUENCES of such a “gift” ?

The ENTIRE OLD TESTAMENT shows that when Israel prospered and “enjoyed the good life”…. then SIN increased and the people FORGOT their solemn responsibility to GOD and He had to bring judgement upon them…. and do NOT say that “I would not do that if I had the blessings”…. my friend, you are cut from the same cloth…. you are an ordinary human just like them… you have NOTHING to support your idea that  “you would behave differently”.

The experience of 99% of the human race is that life is BOTH “pleasant” as well as “bitter”…. we have the “up’s” and we have the “down’s”…. and when do we need GOD MOST, is it not in the “down’s” ???? … there is your proof !

JOB…. that great servant of the LORD…. went from “riches, comfort and ease” to horrible suffering… and after his trials…. he went back to even MORE riches and comfort.

The underlying fact is that HUMANS are created to bring GLORY TO GOD…. and not simply to indulge themselves is ease, comfort and blessing…..

so what of RICH Christians ?…. they have ADDITIONAL responsibility and that is what makes it so hard for them to please GOD… they get to “like” being rich and their rich pursuits and lifestyle begin to replace their devotion to GOD…. they get to feel that they are somehow “better” than the very poor…. and so they have broken both commandments of God  (Mark 12:29 – 31)  without even thinking that they have done anything “wrong”.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, Thank you for looking after all my needs today…. truly I am blessed to have you as my guide, friend and provider…. Lord I love you and all I ask is that I may love you more and serve you better… in Jesus name I pray.. Amen.