“Lord I praise you because of who you are, not because of all the mighty things you’ve done… Lord I praise you because of who you are, you’re all the reason that I need to voice your praise…. because of who You are”

Maybe you know this song/chorus…. or maybe not…. but the words are definitely the TRUTH….

GOD made everything from NOTHING….. and He is INFINITELY PERFECT in every way….. regardless of what we may be going through at this moment…. HE is still, as He always was, PERFECT…

Oh how the quality of our praise changes with circumstances…. how easy it is to praise Him when we are enjoying blessings…. and how hard it is to praise Him when “nothing seems to be going right”…… but God desires our praise at all times (Psalm 34:1)…. and He is INFINITELY worthy to be Praised.(Revelation 4:11)

As humans it is natural to want the best for ourselves at all times…. but our best can only come from God and….  if we seek it from any other source it will eventually destroy us…

Many people in their “self will” have gone to the devil to “get what they want” when they could not get it any other way…. and this is why musicians, singers, entertainers, actors and politicians are in league with the devil (even though they always deny it)…. they want fame, money, power to influence people…. so much they want it…  that they will do anything to get it.

but the devil is a deceiver and he is a liar…. so some get nothing at all…. or others get what they want, just so he can use them as puppets to fulfill his plans upon the earth.

if things are going bad for you today….. your very best hope of seeing an improvement is to get your heart right towards God…. for He is tender and sympathetic and GOOD will come out of your affliction when you praise Him for His goodness.

If things are perfect for you this morning…. then give Him praises and DO NOT FORGET HIM (as others have done in the past , only to find that evil days followed)

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, Thank you for  another day in your Universe…. for the sleep we had…. for waking us up happy and well…. please be with us today, we invite You to be with us throughout today…. and guide us in all our affairs….in Jesus name we come to you… Amen.