Anxiety, worry and fear all stress out the physical body….. and the only really healthy long term solution is to find peace and contentment in Jesus Christ ….. God IS able to do the impossible and simply asks that we trust Him to do the best for us according to His inherent GOODNESS…. it is Satan and his demons who whisper in our ears that God will let us down and not do what we request of Him….. what are you going to believe ? who are you gong to trust ?

You need to realize that God IS GOOD …. no matter what happens…. are you going to put your faith in a demon or the Devil (KNOWN LIARS ! ) ? ….. are you going to put your faith in a “Doctor” (they mis-diagnose and “potshot” all the time) because they are fallible human beings with incomplete knowledge ?

If you actually THINK about it long enough you will realize that GOD is your only sensible resource….. and Psalm 46 tells us that “GOD is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”….. it’s unlikely the doctor will be present at the time you collapse to the floor….. and the demons will rejoice….. so who will help you at that time ? who ?

I think it’s so sad that most people regard THE LORD as a LAST RESORT ….. after the doctor can’t do anymore for you….. then you go to Him simply because you have no where else to go ?

What about loving and serving Him when you had a CHOICE about what you were going to do next ? …. that’s what pleases GOD immensely…. and not regarding Him as any kind of “last resort”.

Unrighteous man is quick to make a mockery of “faith healing” and point to all sorts of people and examples of failure…. where supposed faith let to a supposedly “bad outcome”…… yet these same heathen people are exercising faith all the time and they simply do not realize it……. faith in “doctors”…. faith in “medicine” …. faith in “science”…. I want you to hear me today.

I can find just as many examples of where …. medicine FAILED….. doctors FAILED…. so-called “science” FAILED.

so where will you put your faith ?

the Bible tells us, Blessed is the man who puts his trust in the LORD (Psalm 40:4 and Jeremiah 17:7)

the Bible tells us, It is better to trust the LORD than to put confidence in man (Psalm 118:8)

so WHO or WHAT are you putting your “confidence” in today ?

Think about it …. and be wise

Bondage Breaker


What then is the meaning of Romans chapter 6 ? … and how does this apply to the “born again” Christian ?

People often say that Christians are no better than anybody else because they sin just as much….. but it does NOT have to be this way !!

The born again Christian has the POWER to overcome sin in his/her life IF they will utilize it CONTINUOUSLY.

This is the main difference between the true Christians and the rest of mankind…. UNTIL a person is “born again” they are under sin and cannot overcome it on their own…. but after the indwelling of the Holy Spirit they have the POWER to overcome ANYTHING !!

So why do we have such pathetic Christians walking around the place….. scarcely recognizable or no different at all from the unrighteous mankind ?

1. Possibly they have never been instructed into the spiritual realities of how to overcome and obtain the victory

2. Maybe they know they could get the victory but don’t want it for some reason

My friends you are spirit, soul and body…… at the bottom end are those people whose fleshly body controls everything they do (they are victims of their flesh)….. on a slightly higher plane comes the Yoga practitioners and TM and the other practices that elevate the mind to control the body (these are the soulish ones)….. finally at the top we find the spiritual ones …. but this is only a very small percentage of humankind….. and they are always either GODLY or DEVILISH… there can be no in-between here because their human spirit is either linked to the Holy Spirit or to the Demonic.

How can REAL Christians ignore Romans Chapter 6 ????

They have the POWER to overcome ANYTHING….. but prefer to go on sinning ?


because it’s easier than going forward with GOD ?

Evaluate your life today and make some decisions about your future…. Jesus Christ can set you FREE….. the real question is do you want to be free ?….. I am NOT saying that it is easy to break free because it calls for FAITH and CONTINUOUS COMMITMENT for the rest of your life….. but it IS POSSIBLE !


This global economic recession has really revealed the true hearts of a lot of people.

Grasping and clinging to what little they have…. fearful that it just wont be enough for them and their families…. worried over their future, perhaps realizing that no matter how much money they horde up, IT JUST WONT BE ENOUGH…

Is this YOU ? ….

… and what if you have LOST your job ? …. surely that is a good enough excuse to be clinging to whatever little money you have left ???

Jesus said, “GIVE… and it SHALL be given unto you……. for with the same measure that ye measure it shall be measured to you again” (Luke 6:38)

But this calls for FAITH…. GREAT faith…. to give away what little you have… TRUSTING God to provide for you “somehow”…

Business people do not operate by faith…. Banks do not operate according to faith… the world does not run on faith….. and, face it, people’s finances are COLLAPSING, it’s a fact…. and YET…

The BIBLE says, “Love your neighbor as yourself”  Matthew 22:39

1 John 4:20 “…. he who does not love his brother whom he has seen , how can he love God whom he has not seen ?”

Think about it…. is it all about you ? …. or is it all about God ?… God will look after you when you put Him FIRST (1 Kings 17:10 – 14)

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, We PREFER to honor your Word in FAITH… this will be OUR ONLY HOPE for the future…  our finite resources are clearly inadequate for the years ahead… and we CHOOSE to worship and praise You… instead of scheming, hording and worrying about what might happen to us later in life…. Bless us, we pray in Jesus name, Amen.


Judges 7:2 “The people who are with thee are TOO MANY for me to give the Midianites into their hands, lest Israel vaunt themselves against me, saying, MINE OWN HAND HATH SAVED ME”

God wanted to MAKE SURE that it was abundantly apparent that an “IMPOSSIBLE” VICTORY had been achieved….. and this is the essence of a MIRACLE.

But why ?

The PURPOSE of miracles is to BRING GLORY TO GOD…. and cause us to THANK and PRAISE HIM for His wonderful attributes…. His LOVE, KINDNESS, MERCY  in caring for us.

But you will say, why don’t we see DRAMATIC and AWESOME miracles TODAY ? …. just like we did in the OLD TESTAMENT !

Hear Jesus words, Matthew 16:4 “A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign…” Matthew 11:20 “Then began he to upbraid the cities in which most of his mighty works were done, because they REPENTED NOT”

Both the Old Testament and the New Testament PROVE that although humans are “fascinated” by God’s miracles, the effect is only TEMPORARY…. incredible as it seems, even the most AWESOME “miracle” only brings immediate and TEMPORARY “Praise to God” from the majority who witnessed it…. of course God knew this all along, so why did He bother to do ANY “awesome and spectacular” miracles at all ?…. because WE humans need convincing…. as we, who have never seen any of these awesome miracles, READ THE BIBLE and see… time after time…. that these miracles had no LASTING SPIRITUAL EFFECT on most of the people who saw them… we must accept that we are no different… and we must worship and praise Him in our generation and circumstances and not always be seeking after “awesome miracles”….

and yet…. He is STILL in the “miracle business”…. every day in smaller (less dramatic) ways our lives are impacted by His supernatural care and provision for us….. that accident that “ALMOST took our life” and was avoided entirely…. the little prayer that was answered wonderfully.

The fact that just one or two DEDICATED BELIEVERS can bear much fruit…. and impact thousands of lives for Jesus…. these are all miracles, in the sense that they are impossible for us to do ON OUR OWN.

My friend, do not strive to do YOUR service for God…. but rather let GOD do His work through you….. in faith, WANT and EXPECT that He will “bear fruit” through YOUR life…. and then be SENSITIVE to the opportunities and circumstances in which you find yourself and He will guide you what to say and do (if you are truly seeking His guidance).

“TRUST and OBEY for there’s NO OTHER WAY…. to BE HAPPY IN JESUS…. but to TRUST and OBEY” John H. Sammis

…. may this Chorus become “a real experience” in YOUR life.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, our very best welfare is assured by following Your directions…. no matter how much it might SEEM otherwise….. please forgive us when we fail at this… and don’t stop guiding us and giving us opportunities to “obey your Spirit”… in Jesus name … Amen.