Fasting is a principle occurring in the Bible from Old to New Testament…. and always in conjuction with Prayer…. the purpose of the fasting is:

1. To show our “seriousness” before God by denying ourselves to seek fellowship with Him.

2. To use the time that we would spend eating, preparing and cleaning up after meals for prayer and meditation before God.

3. To move into the spiritual realm as the body declines in “energy”

Item 3 applies to extended fasting… like the forty day and forty nights  so often mentioned in Scripture


Doctors (who do not believe in GOD) will say that EVERYBODY “hallucinates” after extended fasting and therefore EVERYBODY (Christian or NOT) will have “strange visions and hear voices” and so there is nothing “spiritual” about that….. it is just the brain’s reaction to starvation.

They will also tell you that the longer the fast, the more potentially dangerous it is to your body.


UNLIKE a fast that “anybody” might do….. it would seem that the prophets of the Bible had amazing energy in their body EVEN after having been “deprived” for so long (Exodus 24:18) …. Moses still had enough strength to climb around on a mountain

Daniel 9:3 – 27 tells us plainly… that with prayer, fasting, sackcloth and ashes…. the angel Gabriel was sent to him to explain the prophecy.

Jesus (after His forty days and forty nights of fasting)  was in no way harmed physically. (Luke 4:1 – 14)

The bottom line is that spiritual fasting for the express purpose of communion with GOD must be undertaken through FAITH and no doctor can explain or assist with any visions or physical manifestations that may occur as a result of it…..  you will be operating outside the realm of “natural” medicine….. and have to depend on GOD and Him alone.

I am neither encouraging you or discouraging you from fasting….. far less, suggesting the length of time you might do so…. it is a very personal issue…… if you feel so inclined, please research it further.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, the most important thing for us… your children… is to have a right attitude towards you….. to want YOU more than anything else in life…  and we trust you to guide our way each day… in Jesus name we ask these things. Amen