This is a choice that no human can escape….. a choice that cannot be deferred indefinitely…. and a choice that cannot be avoided…. failure to make the choice simply condemns you to the ‘default option’ which is not in your favor.

but you say to me, “where is the ‘free will’ in that ?”

well my friend, you actually exercised your free will already…. because you CHOSE not to make the choice.

But free will does not absolve people from CONSEQUENCES….. everyday on planet earth you see the consequences of people using their fee will to make wrong choices and suffering for having chosen unwisely.

The most important life choice that you are confronted with is JESUS….

If you accept His claims, then you MUST act upon them to benefit from them.

If you reject His claims then your doom is certain.
If you ignore Him altogether, then your doom is still certain….. it’s the default….. and you have to actively do something to change your destiny.

Jesus was either God or He was a very wicked deceiver….. that is fact….. and the people who heard Him understood this.

John 10:33 tells us, the Jews responded, “for a good work we stone thee not, but for blasphemy, because thou being a man makest thyself God”.

The fact that Jesus was able to walk away from that PROVED He was God …… but you say, “perhaps he was a very evil being with superpowers” …… that wont fly either, because NOTHING He ever did could be classified as evil….. He went about doing GOOD and HEALING people.

Sure there had been prophets before who had done miracles but NONE of them ever dared to claim to be God….. in this regard, Jesus is UNIQUE.

Finally, I hate to hear people say “just because you are not a Christian does not mean you are condemned…. WHAT about all those people born into other religions who have never heard of Christ….. are you telling me they are all condemned ?”

IRRELEVANT….. if YOU are reading this ….. if YOU have been told the Good News about Christ and NOT repented and responded then you are doomed …… plain and simple…… whether the Hordes who have never Heard will suffer the same fate or not maybe unknown to you…… the point is YOUR fate is certain.

Jesus told Peter in John 21:22…… in response to Peter’s inquiry about somebody else….. “If I will that he tarry until I come, what is that to thee ?….FOLLOW THOU ME”

No, my friend…. pointing at other people wont work….. if you do not respond appropriately to Jesus Christ then your fate is sealed.

Make the best decision of your life ….. and respond to Jesus TODAY.


To an “educated”  person, our  faith is “nonsense”

because in a child-like manner…. we believe God for all sorts of matters in our everyday lives…. and when it happens according to our prayers, we thank God and our faith is strengthened…. it is the times that it does NOT happen according to our prayers that give the unbeliever the opportunity to discredit us…. “see I told you so” they gleefully tell us “all those other times you thought GOD was making things happen according to your prayers it was just “good luck” and “chance”… and this is their proof…. FAILURE.

So what are we to make of this ?…. certainly everything we pray for is not going to happen for several reasons:

1. God is NOT a genii…. “your wish is my command”… and we are supposed to be serving Him (and not the other way around).

2. Even if we are “good” saints and totally dedicated… we should be praying ACCORDING TO HIS WILL… and sometimes we just dont know what His will is in some cases.

3. Other factors may be involved… besides our wishes and His will…. what about the wills of other people  ? (the people we are praying for)

It is harder to exercise faith when various prayers (seem) to go unanswered…. but we are not to stop praying or exercising faith (Luke 18:1 – 8)….. and some prayers have been answered many years after those prayers were made.

The way I see it, there is always a positive and a negative way to look at everything…

FAITH is the positive way…. faith goes on even when things are not looking so rosy

UNBELIEF is the negative way…. once unbelief sets in….. it is followed by frustration and despair…. is there any advantage to this ?

Optimism versus pessimism….. looking on the bright side…. versus looking on the dark side…. Thankfullness and praise versus grumbling and complaining.

Take your choice today.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, Thank you for all your many blessings every day…. help us to focus our attention on your goodness and the many blessings you pour out for us each and every day…. help us to have right thoughts towards you… and guide us what you would have us to pray about. Amen.