Although equal with respect to God’s love, salvation plan and the heavenly kingdom (where there is no gender).

Man is head over woman upon the Earth, because sin’s disorder makes a headship necessary and God gave this role to man.

Genesis 3:16,  1 Corinthians 11:7-9, 1 Timothy 2:11-14, Ephesians 5:22-25

There is NOTHING in the Bible to suggest that women should ever exercise authority over men.

So why is the world in it’s present state, particularly in the “Western” nations…. where “powerful” women are “running” corporations as well as churches ???

The answer is really very simple…. MEN have just NOT assumed their God given role and they have often surrendered their leadership to women.

So why would God bless the ministry of churches run by females and the personal lives of female pastors ? ?… when such is CONTRARY to His Word.

because God’s work on earth WILL proceed with whoever is “available” to Him…. but what a sad indictment against men ! !

Men preferred to be led by women and have allowed them to “take over” through laziness, indifference and a refusal “to be” what God wants them to be.

This message is a call to all men to “step up to the plate” and accept your RESPONSIBILITY as LEADERS..

This message is a call to all women to “help” the MEN do what they are supposed to do…. as mothers, your DUTY is to raise your boys to LEADERSHIP…. NOT to train them to be subservient to women…. Genesis 2:18 says you were created to HELP the man.

What is the EFFECT of the reversal of GENDER ROLES on humans  ?

Men believing that they are women and women believing that they are men….. ideas that often come to them as little children and (without a doubt) put there by DEMONS…. but now, in the LAST DAYS…. nutured and encouraged by a DEPRAVED “world”.

The whole problem with the GAY, LESBIAN and TRANSGENDER movement is that it is a LIE.

The “gay movement” CANNOT use the “excuse” of a FEW (far less than 0.01%) of “gender” birth defects to “justify” their position before a Holy God.

The “gay agenda” is rooted in PERSONAL PLEASURE and REBELLION.

I have seen “both sides of this coin”…. my own life and personal experiences are testimony to the power of God to change the “way we think, feel and operate” once we are willing to be OBEDIENT to Him.

This is NOT a “hate” message against LGBT organizations or individuals…. because their SIN is NOT any greater than the NEW AGE philosphy or even “secular humanism”…. or any of the other DEVIANT thoughts and ideas of mankind.

The LIE that people cannot CHANGE from a SINFUL LIFESTYLE to what God INTENDED for them….  is the greatest LIE of ALL TIME…… because it leads to DESPAIR and HOPELESSNESS….. and NO AMOUNT of campaigning, changing laws or changing attitudes will ever make you really “happy” because you are trying to “feel good” about something that is basically WRONG.

You are GUILTY before God…. but God CAN CHANGE your direction and your life IF you are willing and obedient…. do not let anybody tell you otherwise….. do NOT accept the LIE.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, may we truly believe that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE in You and that we dont have to accept sin, simply because we cannot seem to overcome it…. Amen