Leviticus 19:2 “You shall be holy, for I the LORD your God am holy”

Hebrews 12:14 “Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord”

GOD is PERFECTION in every way…. and this is what makes Him, Holy….. “Holy” means “separate”…. God calls us to separate ourselves from everything that is impure…. and yet, practically, this does not mean to go and live “apart” from all mankind in some deserted place…. rather we live among them, “but their ways are not our ways”…. and it is this “distinction” that CAUSES them to inquire as to our “separateness”.

It is a sad thing today that the church is no different from “any other organization”…. and the people of the church  are living lives that are so similar to the “unsaved” peoples that nobody can tell any difference.

We see in the Scripture that from beginning to end…. God has always called His people to be DISTINCT from the “rest of mankind”…… and in fact, His people will get NO RESPECT with the “heathen” UNTIL they enforce this “separateness”.

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned ? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by MEN” Matthew 5:13

“If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and MEN gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.” John 15:6

Both of the above verses show the DISDAIN and DISRESPECT that MEN have for FAKE (or backslidden), COMPROMISING christians.

Taken together the two verses above show that…..  without the Power of the Lord manifested by the ability (and necessity) to live a SEPARATE life….  christian testimony to mankind is useless…. and “fruit bearing” is impossible…. RIDICULE and/or FAILURE will be the result of any effort by the “compromising” christian to seriously CHANGE the outlook of his fellow man.

Yet today this is EXACTLY what is happening with the churches…..  some are compromising in every way…. and yet…. in spite of this are still shrinking in numbers.

Others churches have abandoned the  TRUE WAY altogether ….. and are swelling and bursting at the seems with people enjoying the good WORLDLY life ….. full of PROSPERITY, INDULGENCE and FLESHLY COMFORTS….. no mourning over the SIN in their lives (they dont even recognize this SIN) ….. and no REVERENCE for the AWESOME HOLINESS of a RIGHTEOUS GOD….. for these deceived people, the Christian Life is not seen as a difficult road to travel…  they do not really “war” with their own fleshly desires and the influences of the world and the devil…..  rather the Christian Life is presented to them as a way to get RICH and to enjoy freedom from any adversity whatsoever….. NO WONDER such churches are BURSTING AT THE SEAMS and getting bigger with each passing day….. because EVERYBODY WANTS THE “GOOD LIFE”….. but this is the MASS DECEPTION by the “god of this world” (namely the same devil who they treat like a puppy-dog)….. these people need to read REVELATION CHAPTERS 2 and 3…… the message which the LORD has given for the churches (both past, present and future).

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, may our lives REFLECT YOUR HOLINESS… may we have our priorities in the right order….. it is not about “what our friends think” or “how many people we can get into OUR church”….. when our lives are RIGHT with YOU, the effect we have on those around us will be controlled by Your Holy Spirit….. it does not matter whether the church is large or small…. popular or not…. we shall fulfill our destiny and have the impact you appointed us to have…. for Jesus sake… Amen.


We live in an age of constant distractions….. people are “multi-tasking”…. adults talking on the phone while driving…. kids playing video games in the classroom during lessons…. messaging numerous people on internet all at the same time…. thinking of other things while praying…. and the list goes on and on.

The art of concentration…. focusing ones mind on a single objective is probably only done by “specialised” practicioners (buddist monks, psychics, etc.)

Satan’s aim is to keep people busy 24/7 so they live their lives “on the surface”… without thinking too deeply about “life”…. or even death.

Entire lives are WASTED in “vanity” and a “grasping for the wind”…. (Ecclesiastes 1:14)… and another translation says, “It is all foolishness, chasing the wind”.

What then is wisdom ? (Proverbs 9:10)…. and how should we spend our days upon the earth ? (Ecclesiastes 12:13)…  the “fear of the LORD” implies FAITH (…for he that cometh to GOD must BELIEVE that He is (exists)….  Hebrews 11:6)… and the commandments imply WORKS  (some action) (John 14:15)

Only a life of FAITH which results in WORKS prepares man to meet God….. and JOB who was “the most perfect man” ACCORDING TO GOD’s OWN WORDS (Job 1:8) said (after God “interviewed” Him), “I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, but now mine eye seeth thee. Wherefore I ABHOR MYSELF, AND REPENT IN DUST AND ASHES.” (Job 42:5 – 6)

Now if Job (the most righteous man) could say that….. what do you think is going to happen to people like Rihanna, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Lady GaGa when they meet GOD ?

There is a lot of “speculation” on the internet over whether these people “worship the devil” ….. but I say to you that it DOES NOT MATTER one way or the other….  because they are serving him anyhow.

SIMPLY OBSERVE THEIR BEHAVIOR…. they are so DISGUSTING to even unchristian (but “morally”-minded) people… that they have been banned in China and elsewhere as a NEGATIVE influence on ANY “decent” culture….

Their extreme popularity shows:

1. How easily “misled” people are.

2. The popularity of degenerate behavior and their natural inclination for it.

3. The magnitude of their usefulness to Satan…. that by the  behavior of “his few chosen ones”, the many may be influenced to decadence and sin.

I thought it was quite interesting that Rihanna chose to wear two horns on her head while “playing” at Cropover…. because whether she “worships” him or not, Satan has no difficulty getting her to do whatever he wants her to do….  the horns are quite significant…. where did she get the idea to wear them ? ….. I know where her “ideas” are coming from… and you should too.

…. and yet all the people of this world don’t give it “a second thought”… they are so busy “having fun” and “enjoying life” they dont even think about such things…

and this is the state of the world today……. so what do you think they are going to do when the LORD finally appears ?….. read Revelation 6:15 – 17… so shall it be for all those who have rejected God and His Christ.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, Time is all we have and we are not using it wisely… please guide our lives that we may bear fruit for you… we cannot do this on our own…. in Jesus name we ask it… Amen.