Five Minutes with the Word of God

I have not posted to this Bible Blog in a long time, but I have been active on other Social Media. I would like you to view the first episode of a new series, “Five minutes with the Word of God” which will air weekly and will usually be uploaded on Friday.

God laid it upon my heart during my early morning time with Him, and I was quick to get it done but the lighting and quality is poor…… I am trying to get some video lights and a better microphone so that I can offer a  better quality video…… I hope this does not deter people from the important message it contains…. however, technical issues aside, I would really like to hear from viewers who have watched the video and/or been following this blog.

I would like you to bring passages of Scripture that you are having difficulty with, so that I may lay them before the Lord and hopefully address them in future episodes.

I do not have exceptional ability to answer all questions of the Bible…. far from that…. and there are passages that I find puzzling myself, and up to this point in time, have not received explanation…… so I certainly cannot promise a ‘satisfactory’ answer to any question you might bring…… NO….

The real value of the broadcast is that (hopefully) it get’s more people studying the Word of God …… and by keeping it short, more people will also be motivated to view it.

This weekly program replaces the sermon from the First Baptist Church which was long  and did not engage viewers to the end. However, that was NOT the reason it has been discontinued, I am no longer at that church (because God has called me to another church) and there appears to be no other person willing to record those broadcasts in my absence.

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