Mark 15:38 “And the veil of the temple was torn in two from the top to the bottom”

The significance of this veil was that it hid the “Holy Place” from the worshippers and only the High Priest could enter “the presence of God” which dwelt beneath the cherubim on the Ark.

The tearing of this veil signifies the END OF EARTHLY HIGH PRIESTS…. every worshipper may now enter the presence of God through FAITH in the shed Blood of Christ (who is now our ETERNAL HIGH PRIEST)…. this veil was torn by GOD HIMSELF.

But what did the Jews do ????  …. they REPLACED the veil and continued to worship God the way they were accustomed to….. does that make any sense ?

Since we are worshipping GOD…. He has the RIGHT to tell us HOW He wants to be worshipped…. what is the point of worshipping Him in a manner that He does not approve ?…. surely this defeats the whole reason for worship !

Churches are just as guilty today of worshipping God the way THEY wish to worship Him….. instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to LEAD the worship.

Why do they do this ?…..  for two main reasons:

1. They really dont want God to run things…. because of sin in the church, they would prefer to have “comfortable” religion… that makes them feel good, eases their conscience and allows them to continue sinning.

2. They want God to run things…. but are having difficulty establishing communication with Him… they are not even sure how to “hear” from Him…. and they are very suspicious (maybe frightened or offended) of His presence…. when the Holy Spirit comes to minister…. someone may prophesy…. another may speak in tongues…. this takes “guts” on the part of the prophet… and “faith” on the part of the hearers…. and usually only happens in churches where God is actually allowed to LEAD the service because in some churches they already have it “all planned out” exactly how everything is to be done (but are these not worshipping God the way THEY want to worship Him ??? )

In closing…. this is not a new idea… it goes all the way back to Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:3 – 8)….. both brought sacrifice to God…. Abel did it the way God said He wanted it…. and Cain did it his own way and expected God to accept it….. God accepted Abel and rejected Cain… and Cain got vexed about that and hated Abel….. is this not happening today ??

Organized man-made religion hates and vilifies Spirit-filled churches where the fruit of the Spirit is manifest and the blessing of God is evident.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, may we worship You in holiness and from the depth of our being…. and may we always look to You for direction and inspiration and guidance as to how you want us to worship You at every instant of the day so that we may please You with our worship…. Amen.