Is God pleased with the religions of men ? what does He think of their prayers ?

I find it amazing that “prospective” ministers/priests or pastors can be “ordained” based on an educational curriculum of rigorous academic achievement…… in the SAME manner as a lawyer, doctor or accountant.

Many of these persons spend hours praying aloud all sorts of carefully constructed and well-worded prayers written in PRAYER BOOKS….. have these persons ever heard the voice of God or actually carried on a two-way conversation with Him ????

In Luke 18:11,  Jesus tells us that the Pharisee was praying WITH HIMSELF and this should cause many people to stop and analyze their prayers…. PARTICULARLY church people that “rattle off” long prayers out of books…. written in “flowery” language.

Establishing true communication with God requires HOLINESS of life and thought…..  but in many churches that is not required…. the “priests” and indeed the whole organization are nothing more than an INSTITUTION OF MAN….. going through RITUAL that may appease conscience or appeal to flesh but would hardly be acceptable to GOD.

Let us not forget that it was actually the RELIGIOUS PEOPLE who  crucified Christ …. and not the average man-in-the-street.

It’s time for EVERYBODY to take stock of their personal relationship to GOD….. it’s time for chuches who claim Christ as their leader to actually ALLOW  HIM to direct what is said and done in their organization.

The Apostles were fishermen who never went to college and what did the Lord  tell them ?   Read Luke 21:14 and Mark 13:11

I have said before YOU CANNOT DO GOD’s WORK FOR HIM…..  but rather, GOD WORKS through simple, HUMBLE and DEDICATED people who have SEPARATED themselves from the world, the flesh and the devil…. and who take the time to get to know Him personally and LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAYS TO THEM.

What I see as I look around…. is TOO MUCH FLESH…  people trying to do this and that “for God” without ever taking the time to HEAR FROM GOD.

You would be AMAZED at the number of “Christians” who “pray” daily…. but have never actually HEARD from GOD…. and yet…. it IS possible to live in FELLOWSHIP with God so that we HEAR FROM HIM on a daily basis.

Thoughout the Bible…. God TALKS with people…. and they HEAR and OBEY what He tells them.

Do you want to become the FRIEND of GOD ? …… then you CANNOT live like “other people”….. the vast majority of humans are IN THE FLESH and their thoughts and prayers rise no higher than the ceiling….. and their entire existence is about “this world” and “this life”.

The sad thing about it is …. this is NOT the way it’s supposed to be….  the Bible is very clear on this…. both Jesus and the early church founders made it perfectly plain that apart from the Spirit there is NO  “worship or service”.

Read John 6:63,  Romans 8:8 – 9

Many churches of today are offering a RELIGION OF MAN….. they are organizations run by FLESH….. they are concerned about Members, Meetings and Money…. and they certainly do not TEACH their members that they need to “separate” themselves unto GOD from the defilement of the flesh….. they have no intention of “crucifying” the flesh…. or taking up any kind of “cross” daily…. they really need to read…Matthew 10:38 and Matthew 16:24…..  instead of this what are they doing ?….. they are ever so concerned about makiing their church more “appealing” to everybody and increasing numbers at their services…. and THIS IS NOT THE WAY OF THE LORD….  True Christianity  is NOT ABOUT POPULARITY.

Whether you are preaching to an audience of two or of twenty-thousand….. SPEAK THE WORDS OF GOD…… and stop preaching to the flesh…. the church is not a social club where people can come each week and sit comfortably, mingle with their friends and go home the same as they came…..

CHALLENGE the people….. they must ABHOR SIN…. they must go away DETERMINED to get their lives in order…. they must realize that the world is a BATTLEFIELD and not a PLAYGROUND or AMUSEMENT PARK

People should not come to chuch to be ENTERTAINED…. but to be CHALLENGED, INSPIRED, FORGIVEN and RE-ENERGISED….. to deal with a hostile world with the grace that Jesus manifested.

Churches need to stop paying lip service to Christianity and start practising it….. I think the biggest problem is that the heathen REALIZE the HYPOCRISY…. and are amused (or disgusted) by all the silly attempts to “get them into the Church” anyway possible.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, Let our light so shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify YOU…. in Jesus name, we pray… Amen.