1.  The popular notion that satan reigns in hell is NOT in the Bible…. satan will be in torment in hell…. just like anybody else who goes there (Revelation 20:10)

2. The idea that people in hell can get together and comfort one another is NOT in the Bible either…. hell is a place of DARKNESS, LONELINESS and ISOLATION for each entity (Jude 6, 13, Matthew 22:13, Revelation 14:11, Luke 16:23 – 26)…… LONELINESS and ISOLATION combined with INCREDIBLE PAIN AND TORMENT (most pain and torment in the body ceases eventually… in hell you have no body and cannot die from the pain…. your pain and torment goes on FOREVER…. how can you possibly IGNORE the WARNINGS ? ….. the BIBLE and Jesus own ministry on Earth are FILLED with WARNINGS of HELL…. you cannot afford to take this matter lightly and base your hopes for your “afterlife” on fairy tales, fables and wishful thinking).

3. SATAN REIGNS ON THIS EARTH (John 14:30, John 16:11, 2 Corinthians 4:4:) ….. even though most people do not realize it…. this present world is organized on the principles of  FORCE, GREED, SELFISHNESS, AMBITION and SINFUL PLEASURE….. and people in positions of authority in government and corporations are following satan’s suggestions  without even realizing it (2 Corinthians 4:4, John 13:2).

4. It is NOT necessary to “bow down” to satan or call him Lord to follow him (John 8:44)…… EVERYBODY is AUTOMATICALLY following him UNLESS they have specifically CHOSEN to FIGHT against the world AND their own flesh (through the power of GOD)…. people are receiving satan’s instuctions every day in their thoughts (John 13:2)  (which they foolishly believe are their own thoughts and ideas)…… and this is how he runs the world…. it’s so easy for him to manipulate people.

5. HELL is not a popular idea in the churches today…. the churches of today PREFER to talk about LOVE (after all…  it is a more pleasant topic)….. however, both “hell” AND “love”  are EQUALLY valid….. humans have a really HARD time understanding HOW a loving GOD could possibly send people to HELL…. because the HUMAN mind finds it hard to dispense love and justice AT THE SAME TIME….. nevertheless, the BIBLE is clear…. if GOD spared not CHRIST from suffering…. why will He spare unrighteous men (who have rejected Him)  from damnation ????

6. Satan has successfully deceived people into thinking hell is a myth …. or else, it is “not so bad”… or else, “God wont send you there because he LOVES you”……. you better WISE UP now…. before it is too late…. REPENT OF YOUR SIN and come to GOD with a truly HUMBLE and CONTRITE heart today.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, even though Bible Insights is mainly written for people who are already trying to please you…. may You use today’s message to bring someone home to the Saviour…. through this Internet and it’s Search Engines… for Jesus sake… Amen.