Today I want to make plain to you from the Word of God (the Bible)  how people REFUSE to accept God’s plan of salvation and prefer to go after man-made religion (what I call “creating god according to their own imagination” and I have written much about this in previous messages…. the Bible tells us about the REAL GOD…. what HE is like… and what HE expects of humans…. but after being plainly shown the TRUTH, alas, many people still CHOOSE to create their own god to their own peril).

Fundamental Christian Preachers are not poplular….  Jesus was not popular…..  people dont want to be reminded of HELL…. they want the multi-faith “anything is Ok” feel-good experience …. God is love (therefore He is expected to put up with whatever wickedness humans do and “save” them anyway)….. but NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH…. so wise up…. and read this….

John Chapter 6…. Jesus had done some MIRACLES…. He had fed over 5000 people with only a little boy’s lunch (5 loaves and 2 small fish)…. He had then walked across the water to the boat and TRANSLOCATED it the other shore….. and look what happens the next day.

John Chap 6 verse 25….. the people wondered how Jesus got to the other shore… because they saw that when the disciples left in the boat Jesus was NOT with them… and they ask Him when He came over….. because they are wondering HOW  He managed to do that…… HOW could He have possibly gotten there so fast ? what route could He have possibly taken ?…….. BUT JESUS IGNORES THE QUESTION ENTIRELY and thus is revealed there corrupt MOTIVES and their UNBELIEF.

First, they are coming to Him only to get  free food…. people love free food…… why work if we can get free food ?….. we want this guy to give us free food on an ongoing basis….. selfish, fleshly interest oblivious to the SPIRITUAL message of Jesus.

The TRUTH comes out…. Jesus says plainly in Verse 29 “believe on ME” …… but the people defer in verse 30 “what sign do you show us that we may see and believe ?”

Goodness gracious…. Jesus fed them yesterday by a fantastic miracle…… he got to a distant  location in  an incredibly short space of time….. obviously by some kind of SUPERNATURAL means that was humanly impossible to duplicate….. and yet they are not convinced He is who He claims to be ? ….. the TRUTH is….  they dont CARE who he is or how he manages to do these impossible things…… he is no use unless he can be of use…. do you get it  yet ? …. unless he is going to do what THEY want they have little use for him and even less for the message he is trying to tell them….  and is it any different with humans today ?

If Jesus appeared on the planet today….. he would still be of no use unless he could be put to good use….. the sick would expect to be cured… the beggars would expect to be fed…. and the scientists  and military would expect to be entertained….. forget about BELIEVING ON HIM….. we aint believing nothing…. the University physics department WANTS him for study, experimentation and research (we got to figure out just HOW he does this so we can harness his power and abilities)…… he is of no use to the government or military unless we harness his abilities for some kind of strategic advantage over our enemies ….. or to push the country forward with OUR agenda.

If there is one thing that should be CLEAR to everyone….. it is that OUR matters take precedence over any “wishes of GOD”….. if there is a god, he better make himself USEFUL to US…. otherwise what’s the point ?

But read on in Chapter 6 of John….. and see how Jesus goes on to tell them stories about eating flesh and drinking blood (the Jews were not cannibals) until they find His message so repulsive that they go away… their total REFUSAL to see anything beyond the PHYSICAL reality sealed their doom…… and I leave you with this ominous verse (which is also offensive to a HUMAN centered view of the cosmos) …. “….. no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father” (John 6:65).

Brother….. Sister…. you can preach as much as you like….. until you are blue in the face…… and you SHOULD be talking about Jesus because “we cannot help but speak of the wonderful  things we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20)…… but we should not expect a response and we should not be too upset if we are ignored or if we are not popular….. NOBODY can truly be saved unless God does a work in their heart…. WE are powerless to do anything to save anybody…. WE are merely telling others of the wonderful things that Jesus has both shown us AND done for us.

The real problem is that even US… as Christians like to feel that WE have some CONTROL….. some ability to sway people to our message …. we feel good when people are getting “saved” and the “church” is growing….. money rolling in to build buildings, start programs and gain some INFLUENCE and RESPECT in the “community of fellow humans on the planet”….. it so easy to confuse GOD’s will with OUR will….. after all we KNOW BEST what God wants…. WE UNDERSTAND the BIBLE….. WE know how to really make “disciples” out of the sheep…..  we are ever so IMPORTANT to GOD, how can He possibly get anybody saved  without  our great “spiritual wisdom” and fantastic preaching !

Look….. PLEASE….. for your own good….. get a true glimpse of ALMIGHTY GOD…. and follow Job’s example…. look it up at Job 42:5 – 6