Deliverance is always coupled with FAITH

Jesus asked the blind men  “do you believe I am able to do this for you ?” (Matthew 9:28-29)

What deliverance do you desire of the Lord today ?

Is there a habit in your life over which you have not got the control ?  Is there a sickness in your body that will not heal ?  are you in dire financial straights ?  are you hungry with nothing to eat ? about to be put out of your house and home ?

I have one solution for ALL your problems the Lord Jesus Christ…. He IS King of Kings and Lord of Lords…. and there is NO problem in your life right now that He cannot fix…. but again I ask… DO YOU BELIEVE that He is able to do this for you ??

THINK … before you answer…. Do you REALLY believe that HE can fix your situation ? …. so many times we say we believe and by our ACTIONS we deny it !

The Hebrew boys were not delivered FROM the fire…. they were delivered IN THE FIRE (Daniel 3:22-27) ….and it was a POWERFUL WITNESS to the heathen king and his ungodly bunch of princes, captains and governors……and there is some stuff that you are just going to have to go through…. the Bible says, “MANY are the AFFLICTIONS of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of all of them” (Psalms 34:19)

It is when things look hopeless that you must RISE UP in FAITH and claim the VICTORY in JESUS name…… but what are your alternatives ? ….. sit and be miserable ? let the devil beat you up ? leave the church ? abandon God ?…. you think that satan going make life any easier for you ? satan dont care about you….  he hates you and he is a deceiver and a liar….. he would heal your toenail and turn round an give you cancer…. he would give you the world for a few years and when payment time comes, you would wish you had never been born…. your only SENSIBLE choice is to plead your case with GOD, because, trust me, I know, HE is the only one that can really HELP you…. your friends and your mama can only do so much… but GOD can do ANYTHING (Genesis 18:14) (Jeremiah 32:27)

But think about it….. if everything always went cushy for you and you never had a problem, while all the rest of the world is smelling hell…. would that be FAIR ?….. read Jeremiah 45:4-5 ….. and then read my message from yesterday on TRANSLOCATION because we all got some problems coming our way.

The KINGDOM OF GOD is our final destination….. but TODAY… as you go about your activities PRAISING THE LORD  and seeking to do HIS WITNESS to others….. you WILL find that your needs are met….. and like the blind men, He will deliver you from whatever problems you may be currently experiencing….. if you will put your FAITH in HIM…. so please, do that now…. and talk to HIM,  just like I talking with you.