Confidence – Part 6

Getting what you want out of life…… Getting what you want through visualization and mind control, spells, rituals and the “occult” knowledge of the “spirit realm”.

The subtle lie of Satan, devil, demons that says…. “You can have whatever you wish….. when you have both confidence and self-discipline and attain power through knowledge”.

A DIRECT CONTRADICTION to the life of Jesus Christ…. who both taught (and practised Himself) TOTAL SUBMISSION to the will of God and He was rewarded with the Highest Authority in the Universe….. thereby proving to the whole host of heaven that the way to TRUE authority and power is through humility and service…. NOT pride and self-exaltation.

Jesus HAD all power and authority but many times refused to use it for His own benefit … read Matthew 26:53, John 10:18 and John 19:11

Beware of the Roman Catholic Church (where pagan “occult ritual” is practised in the name of God and demonic manifestation occurs due to their heathen idolatry and statues, beads and symbolism).

Beware of successful televangelists and charismatic pentecostals who “declare” prosperity and “claim” worldly success by “invoking” the Power of God through the use of Scripture in “repetition” and “visualization” (the use of the mind and imagination under the guise of “faith” in bringing the thoughts and desires of THEIR hearts into “reality”)

The example of Jesus Christ and indeed the entire New Testament church stand in direct contrast to their “popular preaching”…… and so, they resort to various Old Testament passages made under the Jewish Covenant and during the dispensation (age) of Law….. and then combine the texts with occultic methods to GET WHAT THEY WANT from  “god”.

They need to heed the warnings in the book of JUDE…..  and they need to be exposed by those who know the TRUTH.

Read Matthew 7:14 … these are the words of Christ….. the reality is SALVATION is NOT a “mass-market” commodity……. we are commanded to preach the GOSPEL to “every living creature”…… but the TRUE gospel is what we are commanded to preach….. FORSAKING the world and seeking after RIGHTEOUSNESS…. and it is NEVER going to be “popular” and FEW there will be that “embrace” it.


The opposite of righteousness is SIN

ALL humans are  WITHOUT righteousness (Psalms 51:5, Romans 3:23)

The so-called “righteousness” of humans…. the “SELF-righteousness” they can attain for themselves…. is INADEQUATE and UNACCEPTABLE to God. (Romans 10:3, Matthew 5:20)  What then is the MEANING OF THE PARABLE of the MARRIAGE FEAST ????? (Matthew 22:1-14, Luke 14:16-24).

The KEY to this parable is Matthew 22:11-12,  the wedding garment IS “the righteousness of Christ” with which we cover ourselves….. the wedding garment was GIVEN to all the guests… the man CHOSE not to wear it (he trusted in his own righteousness), therefore he sealed his own doom (read verse 13).

My friend, who is reading this, PLEASE UNDERSTAND…. those people who “made light of it”…. all those people mentioned in verses 5 and 6… they are “religious” people or worldly people… all of them trusting in something OTHER than Jesus Christ (their good works, their church sacraments, their obedience to laws, rules and rituals, Buddha, Muhammad, Sun Myung Moon, Confucius or whoever or whatever) or else just cant be bothered with any of it….but the man who came without the wedding garment on…… in all probability, he THOUGHT he was a “Christian” ….. and yet he REJECTED the “garment” GIVEN…  in favour of his own OR simply did not put it on (makes no difference because INDECISION is just the same as the WRONG decision).

The message of the Gospel…. the message of Salvation…. is to ALL HUMANS… nobody is exempt…. the worst evil person may embrace it….. because it IS a FREE GIFT from GOD…… and this IS the message which all Christians SHOULD be telling everybody…. and it is “that IN CHRIST, God GIVES His righteousness TO us”…. therefore…

1. It IS truly GOOD NEWS !

2. For those who are  IN CHRIST (those who will “put on” Christ)

DECEPTION comes about when we accept a counterfeit LIE…. and believe ourselves to be “in Christ”…. when, in fact, it is not so…. and these are the people who will get a serious shock when the rapture of the saints takes place and THEY are left behind to face the wrath of the Anti-Christ !

We cannot “eat our cake and have it too”, for in Luke 14, Jesus goes on to say that when we truly embrace the awesomeness of the Gospel message then it becomes the most important thing in our life.

“Christians” who give lip-service to trusting Christ for their righteousness and yet it does not affect their lives in any other way, in many cases, do not really understand the SERIOUSNESS of their own wickedness, the HOLINESS of GOD or the TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCES awaiting “the majority of humans” after death. (Matthew 7:13-14)