The summer vacation has ended and I am back to my post at the University…. therefore it will not always be possible to post a message every day…. I will do the best I can to keep posting during the semester…. as you would appreciate it takes considerable time to put together these messages.


The love of money is the root of all evil… 1 Timothy 6:10

You cannot serve God and money… Matthew 6:24

Judas betrayed Jesus for money… Mark 14:11    …and  Judas loved money… John 12:5 – 6


Practically the whole world is after money, it is the cause of criminal activity as well as legitmate business enterprise.

Individually, corporately and nationally…. MORE MONEY is the mantra…. nobody ever has enough.

Most people are so blind that they cannot even tell when legitimate NEED turns into GREED….. but somewhere along the path of life this happens to all those who manage to acquire more than their “average” share of this commodity.

Who really NEEDS multiple houses, multiple cars, planes, ships  and storerooms full of “stuff” ? …. and it is a sobering thought to realize that you have to leave it all behind when you die…. and yet how many people give their excess money away ?…. the UNCERTAINTY of their future causes many to horde it, just to “make sure” that they don’t “run out” of it before they die.

How much better it is to TRUST GOD… who has promised to look after His children, thoughout this life and beyond.


Everybody realizes that “reducing suffering and hardship” among the “needy and starving peoples” is a proper use of money……  spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is of paramount importance to God’s children.

But pastors and preachers living the life of the “very wealthy” and using Scripture to support their lifestyle based on the “hard work” that THEY do for the LORD…. are DOUBLY CONDEMNED….. first, for a BAD example before men… and secondly, stealing from God (because that money was NOT GIVEN for them to waste upon themselves but for the continuance of God’s work).


The Bible clearly reveals that throughout history personal prosperity tends to spiritual decline…. it is far harder for a rich man to be dependent on God and not “entangled” with “worldly” pursuits…… this is the meaning of Luke 18:23 – 25

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, Please provide for me so that I will never lack…. but do not give me so much that I will forget You (being too “busy” enjoying what I’ve “gotten”)….. enable me to give generously but refrain me from wastage…. and always guide me concerning whatever money you have placed at my disposal…. for Jesus sake.. Amen.