(this article concerns the current situation in Barbados. But the Spiritual truth promoted extends to all human societies)

Personally I don’t think the murder spree will end until the authorities start exterminating the ones responsible.

For years the Barbados justice system has been slowly falling apart…. and we have witnessed recently the release of quite a few ‘lifetime’ prisoners who were murders.

I will not comment as to their character and their suitability for release because it is IRRELEVANT in the context of this discussion….. what sticks in the minds of the gangsters is not only is there no death penalty but, if, in the unlikely event of apprehension and incarceration there is no such thing as a ‘lifetime’ sentence either.

Add to this the long delays and bungling of the process of justice and their chances of ‘getting away’ with their life of crime become even better….. don’t you think they know that the Police are overworked and understaffed in their attempts to ‘police’ Barbados ?

I am in favor of joint operations between the Police and Defence Force….. pooling their resources, manpower and armament….. but if they are going to be effective in ridding the streets of these thugs they are going to have to execute them as they go along and not merely ‘bring them before the courts’.

In spite of all the Americans spout about ‘human rights’, don’t they have FBI and CIA agencies that ‘operate above the law’ or maybe rather are ‘a law unto themselves’….. even so, maybe the time has come for Barbados Parliament to create something similar, an officially sanctioned organization capable of doing what is necessary outside the law.

An organization charged with gathering the necessary intel (by whatever means is deemed necessary) and then targeting and eliminating individuals that pose a threat to public safety.

The Church in Barbados has totally failed to influence the society in the raising of all children with morality and self-discipline….. and they have also failed by endorsing the humanistic ideology of the secular world….. in fact, mainstream ‘christian religion’ has wandered so far from true Christianity that it is not even recognizable as ‘Christian’.

The idea of extending God’s love to murderous thugs has become DISTORTED by modern ‘progressive’ thinking…… Jesus Christ, the man of love, said some horribly hard things that people like to conveniently FORGET and/or IGNORE……. one of the most important is that forgiveness does NOT REMOVE physical suffering for the consequences of one’s actions….. the repentant dying thief was promised paradise BUT he still had to suffer death for his crimes…… and what about the ‘callous’ answer of Jesus recorded in Luke 13:1 – 5 ?….. clearly the attitude of Jesus to physical death is a far cry from our own attitude in 2017.

King David was a man ‘after God’s heart’ who became a standard by which all the other kings of Israel where measured….. and yet he was a man who ‘shed much blood upon the earth’ (1 Chronicles 22:8) but he did it in EXECUTING JUSTICE …. please read 2 Samuel 4: 8 – 12

If Barbados is to recover and holiness and righteousness is to rain down upon this land …… then JUSTICE also must precede it…..

God loves JUSTICE and the psalms of David showed that he clearly understood RIGHT and WRONG and was prepared to administer it as ruler of the nation.

Are our leaders prepared to administer JUSTICE ? ….. are the public of Barbados willing to support a call for JUSTICE ?

Only then will we ‘put away’ the evil from the midst of us with the EXECUTION of the wicked men who are undermining our peaceful society.

The Police are against vigilante activity ?….. fine…. then let them do it for us….. and let the Politicians extend the necessary powers to enable them to properly clean up our land …. it can be done …. but it requires the WILL to do it…. and it will NOT be popular with everybody…… Politicians should know that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to please everybody….. their responsibility is to do whats best for Barbados….. and right now, cleaning up the land from gun-toting thugs in the interest of preserving it as a safe haven for tourists (and themselves) should be a priority….. it calls for radical change to the ‘manner of doing things’ ….. but only a radical departure from the ‘status quo’ will work in this situation……. rampant violence and murder has the potential to endanger EVERYONE living or visiting this island ….. and you have God’s blessing in stamping it out …… so what are you waiting for ?